If You Aren't Recording, You're Not a Udemy Instructor

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If You Aren't Recording, You're Not a Udemy Instructor

Hi Everyone,


I have a saying that I tell myself when I get stuck or lost on Udemy and it is this:


"If you aren't recording, you're not a Udemy instructor."



Now, if you consider this raw statement it takes a rather stark stance; namely, everything that we do should be in aid of or directly involved in recording Udemy courses.  It certainly takes little consideration of all the supporting efforts we make -- but then, that's the point.


Before people become cross, please allow me to explain:


Just as a writer is performing his or her craft the moment the tip of the pen touches the paper, a Udemy instructor's energy, purpose and livelyhood derives from recording.  You could argue that just as editing and marketing are required for the writer, so it is for the Udemy instructor, but I would counter that writers had better not stray to far from writing lest they stop being a writer -- and become something else they don't want to be.


Let me try again:  I've always wanted to be a Udemy instructor: record.  I'm done with my first course and I don't know what to do: record.  I'd like to market my courses: record.


That's what Udemy instructors do: record.


I haven't recorded anything other than short green screen experimental videos in the last month.  I've been promoting Udemy courses and porting my Udemy courses to 4 other online platforms.  These are worthy activities, or so I've decided, but I'm glad I feel the strain that is drawing me back to recording.


My mantra comes into play in at least a couple instances:


1) I don't want to record today -- A Udemy instructor who is not recording is not a Udemy instructor.


2) I'm really making progress on promoting my old courses -- A Udemy...


You get the idea.  I try to never loose focus on the pont of this whole endevour.


I guess that what I'm suggesting is that no matter how much "stuff" builds up, don't lose contact with who you now are, a Udemy instructor, lest you become unhappy.


So, are you a Udemy instructor?  If so, what did you record today?


Do you want to be a Udemy instructor?  It's simple: record something today!


Hope this helps,




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That's an interesting perspective @Anonymous 


For me personally, I launched a new course last week but I did not record anything and yet I still consider myself a Udemy instructor. I had coaching clients last week so I also consider myself a Coach, I wrote pages for my upcoming book so I consider myself a writer.


Are we ever 'just' one thing? Does the activity we are completing at any one time define us? Am I husband, a parent, a driver, a writer, an instructor, a creator of content, a cleaner (while I'm doing the housework)? The truth is, I am all of these and yet none of these. The actions I am taking does not define who I am.

The other truth is that I love being a Udemy instructor, the creation process of developing a course, the recording process, the editing and the promoting..... I enjoy it all.


I look forward to readin everyone elses perspectives..... great subject Brian!!



I too look forward to other's responses.


I guess the point that I was trying to make in a rather muddled way is that whether we be a writers, Udemy instructors or whatever, there is one essencial ingredient that makes us that thing.  We want to be that thing, but sometimes the realities of making money or whatever begin to draw us away from what we originally wanted to be.


Do what you've got to do, but always remember:


Udemy instructors record.  Writers write.  Don't get drawn too far away from who you are.


An observation,



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