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NINE years with Udemy, what next Best answer

Hi everyone.With 40 painting courses and nine years of experience it just goes to show that sticking with something can pay off.Until now.I have gradually built up a following, a good reputation, and View more

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First course and the first bad review Best answer

So I received my first bad review and it is painful to say the least. I responsed to the student's comments and kept it positive. Basically, said "Thanks for the feedback and I'm always growing and View more

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What happens after a refund? Best answer

When a student enrolls for a course, he/she has a lifetime access to the course. But if he/she gets a refund for that course, will the student still be able to access the course? Also, once the View more

Potted plants

I'm thinking about making videos about how to take care of potted plants and I was wondering what kind of things people would like to learn? View more

Lesson Learned

As a psychologist, I was taught about learning theories. One concept is the variable ratio reinforcement schedule. That is, being rewarded is uncertain, but delightful when it happens, like with slot View more

Telling your story

It's definitely not a must you achieve success or achievement before you start to share your story. There are people who haven't reached your position but are ready, they need some sort of heads up View more

How I transitioned from Law to Tech. Best answer

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Hello! Welcome to my World, I am Abraham Tahbat, also know as Cyberlord_TMax, I began my career in law, but deep down, I knew that my true passion lay elsewhere. I had always been fascinated by the View more

Kudos to Larry Miller

On LinkedIn recently @LawrenceMMiller (community champion) posted on “What is Your Net-Worth?” a discussion on how success in life should be defined. I have been interested in this question for sixty View more

$100K Milestone Achieved in 1.5 Years

Screenshot 2023-04-14 at 8.55.17 AM.png

Hi Everyone,I am happy to share that I hit the milestone of $100k in 1.5 years.When I published my first course, I never thought of reaching this milestone within a very short duration (1.5 years). View more

A Welcome Thought?

I recently received an invitation from Udemy to create another course. My answer is never again. View more

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Marketplace Insights not working Best answer


Hello fellow instructors!Does the marketplace insights work for you?I did work for me up till last night and then it keeps telling me that something went wrong and that I should try again but with no View more

How piracy helps to sell my course

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First when I opened the link my heart went down. My course is on RuTracker - one of The Largest torrents in internet. Downloaded more than 2000 times, 80 seeds, 15 more people downloading right when View more

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Happy Ramadan

Happy Fasting and Ramadan Mubarak to our instructors community. The holy month of Ramadan will begin on Thursday 23 March 2023, marking the start of a month where Muslims strive to find a sense of View more

Where are the sales this month?

I’ve had a new course qued up for a while but have never seen so little in terms of sale promotions. Are they gone do a big 7 day spring sale or something? My income has dropped drastically this View more

Completed 1 Year on Udemy

Screenshot 2022-09-03 at 12.19.40 PM.png

Hi All,I joined Udemy 1 year back this day and here are the few achievements I made in 1 year:1. Published 6 courses - 2 of them added in UFB2. 27K students joined3. 36K+ revenue4. 4.5+ Instructor View more

1000 free enrollments for 5 days coupon

@Bella @ElianaC This unlimited for 3 days coupon has been updated to 1000 for 5 days in oct-2021 from that month to till now we lost lot of revenue , Once communicate with every instructor then you View more

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Stories and inspiration
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