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Ganar dinero

Si quieres ganar dinero deberas enviarme 5 euros al PayPal y mandarme a ese mismo correo la captura de la prueba de que los enviaste.Una vez lo envíes la enseñare a ganar View more

What advice would you give to new instructors?

Hello community 😊, Becoming an instructor is a journey filled with growth, learning, and memorable moments. For seasoned educators, it's a path paved with invaluable experiences. But what about View more

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How can I market my course? Best answer

Some version of this question is one of the most common by instructors so I thought I would write this, which is a summary of advice from many experienced instructors. I have compiled a list of View more

Meet Rahul Iyer - Community Champion Spotlight

Bella_0-1635964225186.jpeg Bella_1-1635964238077.jpeg Bella_2-1635964238433.png

Hello Instructor Community! We are excited to bring you our newest Community Champion Spotlight. Over the next few months, you will get to know some of the community’s most active instructors on a View more

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Get it started

Just creating a account isn't the beginning. To get this, or anything, really, on the go you need to put in a little more effort than a username and password. Personally, I find Studio U very helpful View more

Show Your Charisma

Hi!Being a Mindvalley member I am currently attending a course on Charisma.And I'd like to share with you three simple tips for charismatic presentations on Udemy:1. Show and use your View more

Bug in student numbers

I only have one course.For the last months the overview number of students has been jumping up and down. For example now in overview the number is 213 but in course it is 113 students. It is always View more

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First course and the first bad review Best answer

So I received my first bad review and it is painful to say the least. I responsed to the student's comments and kept it positive. Basically, said "Thanks for the feedback and I'm always growing and View more

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Brainpower recipe

Hi!Let me share with you a powerful recipe for top performance of the brain.The following preparation is very nutritious for brain & nerves:Put crashed nuts (walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts) + seeds View more

My Second 1000$/ Month Best answer


Dear Community, @MarinaTWe are excited to share you that we have crossed 1000$ revenue for the second time in the month of September 2023.Looking forward to beating our own records again and View more

reached USD 1,000.00


After almost 2 years here at Udemy I finally reached USD 1,000.00 Result achieved only with organic traffic, youtube, blog, etc. For some it may be little, but not for me haha Going to 10k View more

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A seed growing ...

Well, some of you are already full grown trees, but I am just a tiny seed right now, looking for water and earth and sunlight and the support of the environment.However, as small as it might be, I do View more

Hey All, Keep Going!

Hey all, Chuck (my husband) and I have been teaching on Udemy for a few years now. We have achieved our goal to reach 100,000 students this year on Udemy YAY!!! This is very exciting!!!Every year, I View more

Telling your story

It's definitely not a must you achieve success or achievement before you start to share your story. There are people who haven't reached your position but are ready, they need some sort of heads up View more

Udemy Community Posts and AI

American Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart said maybe sixty years ago about pornography, “I know it when I see it.” I’m feeling the same about AI on the Udemy Community postings. I look in just a View more

$100K Milestone Achieved in 1.5 Years

Screenshot 2023-04-14 at 8.55.17 AM.png

Hi Everyone,I am happy to share that I hit the milestone of $100k in 1.5 years.When I published my first course, I never thought of reaching this milestone within a very short duration (1.5 years). View more

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Stories and inspiration
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