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I make my first $200 on Udemy Best answer


I Posted My First Course on Udemy in 2019 and Since Then I Have Posted 20 Courses but haven't Seen Much Growth.So Far the Money I Have Earned from Udemy Is Only About 200 to 250, I Have More Than View more

User avatar by Travelerposted by on

Bad reviews

Iam just wondering why students who leave a bad rating dont answer the messages or start a discussion to elaborate more for them! They just complete 5% of the course leave a bad reviews without View more

tax information


Hello allI am in the beginning of posting my courses on udemyI found this notice in my accountUdemy needs some basic tax information from you.I am from Egypt and I also live in Egypt, and I do not View more

Course Marketing

Do marketing udemy courses pays off? Any success stories please View more

User avatar by Trailblazerposted by Anonymous on

How can I market my course? Best answer

Some version of this question is one of the most common by instructors so I thought I would write this, which is a summary of advice from many experienced instructors. I have compiled a list of View more

I just published my first course!!

I'm just excited & wanted to say hi to all. I have talked/thought about making a course on here for 2 years, and it took really buckling down the last few weeks to get it done. I know my content is View more

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reached USD 1,000.00


After almost 2 years here at Udemy I finally reached USD 1,000.00 Result achieved only with organic traffic, youtube, blog, etc. For some it may be little, but not for me haha Going to 10k View more

First month in 3 figures!

So been on Udemy for around 6 months and proud to say I've just seen my first 3 figure month! I know this is miniscule in comparison to the 6 or dare I say 7-figure instructors, but always worth View more

A personal update :)

Hey everyone! I have a bit of personal news to share with you all. Today is actually one of my last days working at Udemy, and I wanted to let you all know so you weren't confused if I stopped View more

Cyber Security is future

I m creating a course for the first time here on a topic based on cyber security and red teaming. Hoping to get a very strong ethical hacking community here to take my works to next level.We all know View more

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Stories and inspiration
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