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Happy 1st of the Month

Hey there fellow instructors and Happy 1st of the Month. I love the first of the month as it gives us chance to take stock of what happened last month, what went well and what didn’t go quite as View more

Neuro Linguistic Programming Best answer

What is NLP?There are many explanation to NLP. Simply put, NLP is about how organizations and individuals get their outstanding results. NLP is about subjective experience how we structure it in a View more

What is your main goal on Udemy?

Hey there fellow instructors, I’d love to hear from everyone whether you are new or an experienced instructor..... What is your main goal on Udemy? It might be to reach a certain amount of students, View more

I think Udemy should giveaway free T-Shirts

Hi AllI think Udemy should giveaway free T-Shirts to instructors. It would be a good promotional step for udemy itself and instructors too. T-Shirt with just Udemy logo and website View more

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My first Year on Udemy!


This has been an outstanding journey! In one year I just broke 10k followers and did 6.5k USD in income just from udemy! I specialize my current workshops in crystals and tarot as I am full-time View more

How's JOSH ??


i was curious kid always trying to learn something new and sharing my learning experience with others, having big dream to change people's life through whatever little knowledge i have. i'm 23 years View more

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Need of Time management study

Time management us an important topic in human life it influences all over the part of life. There are many methods and directions to learn how the we have to utilise the time very good View more

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Income Best answer

How much is your average income from Udemy per month and how did you increase it? View more

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why i made my course free? Best answer


I made my course free and i got 2000+ students! It's really awesome to be with udemy and here is a new platform for everyone. When I started in june 2018 , I wasn't sure about how to market my View more

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Books are becoming obsolete?

(not all of them, just technology and programming ones) Hello fellow instructors, A published instructor as well as published book author here. In 2012-13 I dedicated a very large part of my free View more

Changing lives, at scale

students.png iStock-959685848.jpg

That's what Udemy's really about. Not too long ago, I crossed the 200,000 student mark: It takes persistence, wise topic choices, and a fair amount of luck to have that sort of impact - but just View more

Udemy Community Launch Event Giveaway!

Hey instructors, We’re happy to finally open the doors to our new community! To celebrate we’re hosting launch events throughout the month of February! For those able to attend the event in San View more

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Bonjour!! Or rather I should say... Que tal!Is there a tutorial on how to use this forum?For instance, where can I find all the questions that have already been asked so I don't ask the same View more

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Stories and inspiration
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