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Where are the sales this month?

I’ve had a new course qued up for a while but have never seen so little in terms of sale promotions. Are they gone do a big 7 day spring sale or something? My income has dropped drastically this View more

Completed 1 Year on Udemy

Screenshot 2022-09-03 at 12.19.40 PM.png

Hi All,I joined Udemy 1 year back this day and here are the few achievements I made in 1 year:1. Published 6 courses - 2 of them added in UFB2. 27K students joined3. 36K+ revenue4. 4.5+ Instructor View more

1000 free enrollments for 5 days coupon

@Bella @ElianaC This unlimited for 3 days coupon has been updated to 1000 for 5 days in oct-2021 from that month to till now we lost lot of revenue , Once communicate with every instructor then you View more

Udemy Awards

You know what Udemy needs? A physical custom made award…something similar to YouTube’s 100k + subscribers. It would be nice to have something shiny to put up on the wall! View more

A Huge Thank You

Thank you for making "latest" the default for the Udemy Community. That change lowed both the time needed to explore the items and my frustration level. I sing your praises. I hope most others will View more

Becoming from Instructor to Author

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-02 at 17.12.40.jpeg

Hi there, Today, I want to share one of my happiest moments. 3 years ago, I started to Udemy to teach some topics about programming. When I started to Udemy, I just created Turkish courses. Further, View more

I am starting out here

I need urgent answers and suggestions when necessary, I am a university student and need a side hustle job. I am pretty good at PowerPoint presentations and excel as well as fundamental mathematics View more

Low Ratings

I think that in order to protect the instructors from low ratings without any justification, udemy should not accept 1 or 2 stars rating unless the student provides justification about his/her View more

How to price my first course?

i‘m working on my first course and I would like to know how to price it in order to reach many people as well as proove that I deliver good content which is worth being bought later on. Is it smart View more

tax information


Hello allI am in the beginning of posting my courses on udemyI found this notice in my accountUdemy needs some basic tax information from you.I am from Egypt and I also live in Egypt, and I do not View more

Udemy Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement often depends on input from those doing the work. I remarked to @Bella that in my 1.5 years on Udemy that I had not seen an idea presented to the community then referred to View more

My first 1000$ in 5 Months

Udemy Journey.JPG

Hi All, I am very happy to share with you my first Milestone which is achieving my first 1000$ from Udemy marketplace in Just 5 Months. Waiting to hear from you if this is good or could be more View more

Complete On-page SEO Course

Hi,I am new here as an instructor and a Digital Marketing Artist by profession. I am going to start all the Tectics one by one for complete Digital Marketing and starting it From On-page SEO. View more

Udemy entering China Best answer

Hi @Bella , I have noticed Udemy's post at LinkedIn announcing some moves towards Udemy entering Chinese market. View more

User avatar by Trailblazerposted by on

Thanks for the Coffee Mug


Hi All,Wishing all the Community members a Happy New Year Ahead ! Thank you very much Udemy for delivering a Nice Coffee Mug for participating in "End-of-the-year survey" , thought it would be View more

User avatar by Researcherposted by on

Understanding New Instructor Ratings Best answer

To improve my rank I need to give "kudos?" What are they? If they are the same as "likes," why not call them that? If not the same, definitions would be helpful. View more

market insights not displaying topics Best answer

Hi guys,I have an issue and maybe the community can help me with an answer. I am using market insights to determine some good subjects but the functionality seems a bit unreliable. I was looking View more

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Stories and inspiration
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