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Whatsapp chat group

During the Coffee Networking session in August, one of the instructors mentioned a chat group of Udemy on Whatsapp.The link that was provided does not work on my Samsung phone.When I go to Play Store View more

Looking back at my Journey on Udemy


The purpose of this post is not to show the money I make on Udemy (in fact there are no numbers in the screenshot I uploaded), but to share my journey as an instructor, in the hope of inspiring View more

Instructing others

I started to create courses on web development, and there's a lot out there for sure. I focus more on teaching how to add SEO to the apps and not just build it. People mistakenly think that if you View more

Best Student Excel Creation Ever

Excel-Me-01.JPG KylePew_0-1659027075303.png

Thought I'd share a creation from one of my students. During the course I ask for screenshots to show off progress within the course. Here is one I received today in the QA board. What do you think? View more

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What is your Udemy success story?

Hi all, I've got like 6 classes on the platform now and wondering how you've all found your success and what your story is on Udemy. How did your first 1,000 paying students come about? When was the View more

What is your #1 goal for the rest of the year?

Last week we asked you to share your proudest accomplishment from the first half of the year and it's clear many of you have had a busy 6 months! Some of you hit financial milestones, created new View more

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What are you most proud of right now?

Can you believe we are about to close the books on Q2 in just 10 days? Time flies when you are changing the world, am I right? 🙂 We’d love to know, what is your proudest accomplishment over the past View more

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Overcoming Fear

Hello community, I'll like to ask how you overcome the fear of getting started in a new field or business. View more

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$250,000 and counting...

Udemy Record_Final.png

Happy to share that I have crossed a personal milestone of $250,000 on Udemy this month. This has been an absolutely delightful journey as a course creator. I want to begin by sharing my humble View more

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What is "Right" with Udemy?

When things aren't going well, we come to this community and complain.But when things are right we mostly just go about our day. Maybe it's just me, but I often see more negativity than positivity View more

First 100 students enrollment

Guys,Please congrate me for my 1st 100 student enrollment,just published my dropshipping course 2 weeks ago.I hope I can reach other 100 student this week View more

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What is your favorite Udemy course?

Udemy’s mission is to create new possibilities for people and organizations everywhere by connecting them to the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a changing world. The courses you create View more

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I write stories

I can write Arabic stories to help learners to get familiar with Arabic language How can I make my story better to attract learners View more

Kurs olusturma

Matematik ve geometri dersleri vermek istiyorum ama nasıl hesap açılır nasıl ders oluşturulur. Nasıl ödeme yöntemi oluşturulur olusturdugum dersi nasıl ilgi çekici yapabilirim View more

It's a Friday Gif Party! 🥳

Hello Hello! Happy Friday, we made it to the weekend! What’s your Friday mood? Post a gif in the comments to describe it! View more

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About Teachings

What to hear all of you 😉 What is the best way to teach or be teached ? I has always myself learned that the best way to learn is to do it your own way. I always say the stuff i will have to teach View more

Translation and interpretation Best answer

Hello instructor community! I'm Lina mellati new member here actually I joined this community in order to help and guide people who needs some tips and directions about my work or my field since I'm View more

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Stories and inspiration
Pull up a seat and chat with your fellow instructors. This is a great place to get to know each other, swap stories, and just relax.