Reflecting on Our Journey Together: Insights from Our Latest AMA Session

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Reflecting on Our Journey Together: Insights from Our Latest AMA Session

Hello Instructors!


Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of participating in a live Ask Me Anything session that brought to light the vibrant curiosity and engagement of our instructor community. The session was great for me as both a learning opportunity and a way for me to start to build a closer relationship with our instructors. So I thank you for taking the time to join and engage.  


Our discussion spanned a wide array of topics, underscoring the dynamic nature of the learning and skills industry, the role that the Udemy platform and marketplace play, and the dynamic nature of your roles. Below you can see a summary of some of the key topics and questions that arose as well as my key takeaways from the session. With questions ranging from our marketing strategies and plans for 2024 to the ways we aim to diversify content and support our instructors, every question reflected a keen interest in our collective future.


Marketing Innovations: We delved into how we're adapting our marketing efforts to increase brand awareness, improve perceptions, and foster a preference for our platform. This includes tackling the evolving challenges of customer acquisition as traditional channels like email and social media evolve.

Top Takeaway: We need to ensure that instructors see our marketing investments and are kept up-to-date in what we are doing to drive awareness, perception, preference & traffic, and how they can get involved. 


Enhancing Course Success: The conversation highlighted the multifaceted approach to ensuring course success, from leveraging AI for SEO to advising on effective marketing tactics for instructors. We also discussed the significance of video advertisements and sponsored content as tools for growth.

Top Takeaway: Support instructors (especially newer instructors) with the tools, resources, and education on how to thrive in the Udemy marketplace.  Be more transparent in what determines rankings. 


Supporting Our Instructors: A core part of our dialogue focused on our unwavering support for instructors. From introducing AI features that assist with course management to exploring user-generated content and influencer marketing, we're committed to empowering instructors with the tools they need to succeed.

Top Takeaway: There is room for more education on how to craft quality content and drive awareness of their courses. 


Future-Proofing Learning: We discussed our plans for course pricing adjustments in response to inflation and how we're looking to innovate with features like the removal of the 30-minute course limit, in line with micro-learning trends. We aim to keep learning accessible, engaging, and relevant.

Top Takeaway: Tap into trends around micro-learning and give instructors exposure on the different pricing experiments we run to optimize value back to them and learners. 


Strategic Partnerships and Content Expansion: The partnership with McLaren Racing and our efforts to promote competitive topics like Python exemplify our approach to content diversification and strategic collaboration.

Top Takeaway: Ensure that Udemy stays at the forefront of learning innovation and continues to give instructors visibility into what’s trending. 


Ensuring Fairness and Opportunity: Addressing concerns around revenue share and the promotion of non-business courses. Top Takeaway: We reaffirmed our dedication to fairness, opportunity, and support for all instructors and we will continue to do so. 

Our Commitment to You


This session was the start of the direct dialogue that I hope to have with the instructor community. The bottom line is that we have a shared mission to transform lives through learning whether that be by providing access to meaningful content or by sharing your knowledge on the Udemy platform. Our goal is to support you in this shared mission 


We're here to support you, to grow with you, and to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the future together.


As we move forward, our focus remains on enhancing our platform, supporting our instructors, and ensuring that we continue to provide high-quality, accessible learning around key skills to learners across the globe. At the same time, we want to make sure we increase visibility for the Udemy brand so that when people want to learn it, they Udemy it. Your feedback, insights, and participation are invaluable as we shape the future of learning and the skills-based economy.


Thank you for being an integral part of our journey. Together, we're not just adapting to the changing landscape of learning; we're leading the way.


Warm regards,


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Love this post, thank you @GenefaMurph976 !


Thanks @HofmeyrdeVo128 - appreciate it

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