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Your Trainer

Hello everyone! I love your energy here. I have 24 years of experience as a personal Tae-Bo trainer that developed beautiful women and men's nice body shapes. I helped many people have the body they View more


Hello everyone, I am very happy to meet you here. First of all, I want to introduce myself to you. My name is Alison choong and I am from Malaysia. I can communicate in English, Chinese, Malay and View more

I am a New Instructor Best answer

Hi Everyone, I am Ranga Bhupal and am glad to be one of you. I need your support to publish a course. This is my first video/audio recording and making a course. Could you please give me a few tips View more

Hi, fellows!

Hello, guys! I am Mara from Buenos Aires. I have been teaching for a while here in Udemy and at different universities around the world, but I have never introduced me here. Let’s start to know each View more

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Verification with persona (Italy) Best answer

Hi!I am new to Udemy. In order to publish a course I need to verify with persona. I live in Italy. I wanted to ask after how much time, the verification with persona is complete? When I publish a View more

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Account verification

Hi everyone I'm new here to teach. I have 12 classes that last about 3 hours. But when I want to send them to verification, system directs me to persona. I uploaded my ID card and it scanned my face. View more

Hi Udemy Team

My spirit animal is a cobra ... I'm 55, African and of the MALE gender. Guessed it was time to branch-out into the online world. COVID-19 smashed down the castle, who's gonna feed the children ----- View more

telugu speaking skills

i can teach telugu speaking skills ,intreasted people text me for telugu speaking skills,you will get telugu online classes for good price View more

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animated character

Hi everyone, I am a new instructor , I am going to make an animated character to replace my lecture, I wonder if the platform allows? View more

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Greetings from Uchechi

Hello everyone.My name is Uchechi I'm an early years Foundation stage coordinator, I'm also a life coach. I just came on board. So, how are you all doing? View more

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Withholding Tax

Dear Indian Instrcutors, India has Double Tax Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) with USA. So if we are paying tax in our own country as a resident individual then the tax should be exempted in other View more

Welcome post

Hi Guys, My name is Rajnarayan Chaudhary and I am a post graduate professor and still learning new technology. Soon I will post few articles that will help you to understand the technology and View more

Personality Development Growth Best answer

Hello Everyone This is Akshay Goenka please can you help me with how to Start with my training towards personality development. As I am new into Udemy View more

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Moroccan kitchen

Hello dear community I would like to know how much you would be interested in moroccan kitchen and learning all its secrets ? View more

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learning insights of English

Hi All, Here I am with the insights of English which can improve the spoken English. This course is for everyone who has passion to dive down in the spoken language as English. So will be uploading View more

Bluebeam Instructor

Hi, my name is Terry Cline.I work for a construction management software company named InfoTech in Florida.I've been teaching people how to use AEC design and construction technology for 36 View more

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I am a new instructor Best answer

Hello, I've published my first course on the Udemy platform (hurray) and currently have 6 students, 2 of which I have offered free coupons to. I can see that Udemy have taken 50% of my earnings but I View more

Face a problem Best answer

Greetings! Myself Huma I have a problem in descriptionI've done with 200 words but it will not be saved.Including what vidoes I add? Those vidoes whick I save on my desktop when I open gallery it had View more

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Need some guidance

Hi! M new to Udemy. Want to start teaching Mathematics for grades 6 to 10. I have no idea where and how to start. Would appreciate if someone could guide me. Thanx View more

Which tax form to use?

Hello. I'm neither a citizen nor resident of the US, but I currently live in the US and work for a US-based company that sponsored my visa. I'm employed as W-2 and thinking about starting my own View more

Question about taxes in Romania

Hi all, I am a new instructor on Udemy since last year. I have a question for all experienced romanian instructors. What is the best way to declare and pay your taxes here in Romania for the Udemy View more

How to view my own course

This must be so obvious, but I don't see it. I would like to view my own course in the same way that my students see it. Some of them are stuck at different points, and I want to see it as they do. View more

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