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Meet Jason Dion - Community Champion Spotlight


Hello Instructor Community! It’s time to get to know one of your Community Champions in this month’s Community Champion Spotlight. Each month we’re helping you get to know some of the community’s View more

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I didn't get the payout of Oct yet

My earnings are in negative, I have been messaging the support since 1th Oct, they keep answering me we still working on this problem, and you will get your correct earnings, NOW it's 12th Oct, and View more

First impressions of black friday

Hello there, I remember everyone complained about first three weeks of november sales but now black friday is active. What can you tell about the first day of black friday? Do you see any increase in View more

December payout display

Hi, December payouts that until recently showed December 8, now display Jan 06. Is this month payout supposed to be delivered next month? Or is this a technical issue like that we experienced a few View more

Instructor Spotlight: Meet Nina Weinstein

Spotlight - Nina.png

Hello Instructor Community! This month's theme in the community is Instructor Stories, which calls for another Instructor Spotlight! This time, we're introducing you to Nina Weinstein. Nina lives in View more

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It's Monday! Let's get motivated with a .gif party!

Let's go Cat!.gif Let's go Cat!.gif

It's the beginning of the new week and it's time to get moving! Post your favorite gif that helps you get motivated so we can spread the encouragement! I'll start with my personal favorite! Post your View more

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Student not getting support from Udemy

A student contacted me about not being able to download the course material due to some HTML web site error. I cannot download any resources in the course: "Kerberos authentication in Windows View more

User avatar by Researcherposted by on

Bad reviews

Iam just wondering why students who leave a bad rating dont answer the messages or start a discussion to elaborate more for them! They just complete 5% of the course leave a bad reviews without View more

User avatar by Travelerposted by on

Best Seller badge can be taken away?

Screen Shot 2022-11-06 at 5.25.54 PM.png

I have 3 best sellers on Udemy, My drawing course is my highest earner- It has 41,000 students with about 6,000 reviews holding an average of a 4.8 rating. If you search the word "DRAW" its literally View more

New Month, New Theme - Instructor Stories!

Hey Instructor Community! November is here and that means there’s a new theme of the month, Instructor stories. We want to hear from you about your experiences as a Udemy Instructor! Be sure to tune View more

User avatar by Community Managerposted by on

My sales Best answer

HiIt would be great if someone can give me an explanation for the question. I had better sales in 2020 compared to 2021, even though I believe that I did more work in 2021 so I find it difficult to View more

Revenue: Udemy vs YouTube

Hi All,I have been using YouTube and Udemy for teaching and earnings.Many new Instructors asked (they came from YouTube): Which is a good source of income either YouTube or Udemy?Here are stats of my View more

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First course publish date ! Best answer

Is there a way to find out:1. when an instructor published her(his) first course on Udemy ?and/or 2. the publish date for each course ? @Bella @ElianaC can you help with View more

User avatar by Community Championposted by on

Completed 1 Year on Udemy

Screenshot 2022-09-03 at 12.19.40 PM.png

Hi All,I joined Udemy 1 year back this day and here are the few achievements I made in 1 year:1. Published 6 courses - 2 of them added in UFB2. 27K students joined3. 36K+ revenue4. 4.5+ Instructor View more

Ever wished to be happily skilled?

Hey Everyone, Did you ever wish to be happily skilled so you can do what you like and like what you do to earn a living? If your wish has already been fulfilled, please do share your joy and how you View more

User avatar by Trailblazerposted by on

Do We Know Who Succeeds on Udemy?

I'm relatively new to Udemy, and I'm realizing that it's going to be challenging: 1. My focus is topical (climate change) - not skill-based or personal development like most of Udemy2. Much of the View more

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Stories and inspiration
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