Setup video/audio/tripod/Teleprompter

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Setup video/audio/tripod/Teleprompter

Hello! It's my 1st experience with online courses, even if I still teach online.

I usually have a tripod and a mobile, filming my entire figure and a Macbook to check students.

But to film this course I will probably use a a different set, as I also need to record me while talking, sitting on a table, for instance.

1) I need to see myself while filming, at the moment My Smartphone is not in Selfie modality, so I cannot see myself on it....I'm afraid that turning the smartphone camera to see myself, will not give a good quality video

2) I use zoom, but I guess I'll need to use the camera of my mobile and to save the video on an SD card

Has anybody used his computer to film? and if yes, filming using zoom will give a good quality film (Video and audio) or is better to use other solutions?

3) I've never used a Teleprompter, so, where you have to put it? connected to the smartphone filming you? on the same tripod? or do I need a second device? and How can I see myself? Is there a way to film while seeing ourselves ?

Sorry if my questions maybe seems silly... but is a new field and I want to avoid loosing time with wrong solutions

thanks a lot for any suggestion!


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I can speak to your question #2. ZOOM

I use ZOOM on a desktop, and it works giving you the option to save on the computer or on the cloud. 

You may want to practice some with zoom as you can see yourself, and focus on looking into the camera. That is better for your students and it takes practice. 

Thank you Alexia, yes I already use zoom for my classes... I just had a doubt about the quality of the recordings, but if you confirm me it's fine. ok...

But my real question was about the setting with a Teleprompter, as I would like both to read the text and to see my self... so probably, if I use a Mac with zoom, as you suggested, I can fix a tripod behind the Mac with a smartphone connected to the Teleprompter.

with 3 lights, 2 on the sides and one on the front, but I need to make some tries...

thanks a lot,


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