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Sharp turn

Hello to all,


It's still not inspiration story, but I really want it will be that.

I will try to tell the short version of the story Smiley Embarassed

So, for the last 25 years I worked in tourism industry and as you probably can guess it passed away. I ran whole planes, a thousand of tourists and took care about top level cases. And suddenly in the middle of life I found myself with completely new future. I can do what I want, I can learn smth new and study smth cool, but OMG what I know? Hm...


Like most smart (and modest, yeah?) people  I am pretty sure I don't know anything. I was more then half year at home, doing nothing. One day I helped one person and started teaching her a Hebrew language. After one week I already had 3 students. After 3 weeks without any promotion my days where full with lessons at different levels. And after a while I decided to try myself here with language course. So, now I am recording my lectures and it's so stressful!! OMG I don't like myself on video, and the voice, and I'm not sure my lessons will be useful for other people.


And what if....?

What if they don't like it?

And what if it will be no students in my course?

And what if I will not succeed?

Uf, very stressful future... but it's kind of test for myself - can I?

Send me some optimistic vibes Heart


Best powers to all of you!



I so want to succeed!

Health for everyone,
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Hey @LiaBarzelay, thank you for sharing your experience with us. It's completely normal to feel nervous. We'll be here to support and encourage you throughout the way. We're very excited to have you on board! Smiley Very Happy


Abbie Reyes
Udemy Community Team
Rahul Iyer
Community Champion Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @LiaBarzelay,


Very well drafted. As you have succeeded in the previous avenue, I am sure you would do so in this one too.. Wish you all the success! 🙂

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