What advice would you give to new instructors?

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What advice would you give to new instructors?

Hello community 😊


Becoming an instructor is a journey filled with growth, learning, and memorable moments. For seasoned educators, it's a path paved with invaluable experiences. But what about those who are just starting out on this exciting adventure?


To guide and support the next generation of educators, we want to tap into the collective wisdom of our community of instructors:


What advice would you give to new instructors?


Share your pearls of wisdom, insights, and tips to help new educators thrive. 


Share your advice in the comments below!


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Build a community here and take it to your own platform where you can 💯 %

I would say focus on one thing at a time. Complete your first course with proper dedication and tools. Don’t just put your course for running a trial. Try to include coding , quiz in your course that is very important. Create an awesome promo video so that students would get to know as what benefit they will get from your course. 


Good things take time.


Always remember: Winner don’t do different things, they do things differently:) 

For new instructors it is important to note a few points:

1. Select a course/topic for which there is a gap/need in the learning field

2. your course is addressing an unmet need

3. You are sure of the target audience for the course

4. You have a plan to send the note once published to the target to gain momentum


Once this is defined, you need to start with the tools for the process

1. course creation

2. video generation methods

3. audio devices

4. presentation format


These are the basics which fluster the newbies 🙂

Good Luck.


1. When thinking about what courses to create make sure you feel there is space in the marketplace for it to thrive, i.e not in a topic area that is already flooded with very high quality courses.


2. You need a create at least a few courses to get going on udemy so don't necessarily start with your top course and most specialized area. Get to know how Udemy works first, get used to the process of filming, editing and sound engineering etc with one or two courses and then focus on your main areas.


3. Be innovative with your student coupon promotions and you can make a lot of revenue that way.   

Thank you. This was insightful. I have lots of work to do now :

It's a nice little and cute question that can help many newcomers. From my side, I would add one point and that is that instructors should promote regional languages through courses. Or say it the way, more courses should appear in regional languages. People think that if we are coming in English, we will get millions of students. It is not true always. Udemy is expanding globally and I feel people around the globe love to find content in regional languages. For example, I am presenting courses in Hindi/ Urdu languages and getting good responses from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. 

Thank you. And yes that makes sense. Automatic translator facility should be looked at as many like us would not be too familiar other regional languages other than the common ones. 

Thanks again. Happy new year 

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