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Website redirecting to some other website Best answer


Hi,When i type on my browser(updated chrome), it gets redirected to this website and then it redirect again to some other website and then back to automatically.Please View more

Selling Udemy student accounts Best answer

So, I got this guy begging me to have a free coupon, for a course that I don't set under 100 USD. After long begging, I agreed and issued him one (limited by 10 seats). Not long after, I found out View more

User avatar by Observerposted by on

How have these group chats helped you? Best answer

Over the last 2/3 year I have been creating Martial arts course with Udemy, yet I only have only just joined the Udemy community chat group. How have these chat groups helped with your View more

Udemy featured in Forbes last week!

It's so great to see Udemy instructors @PhilEbiner and @TeresaLGreenway profiled in a recent article from Forbes! Check out the Forbes article here and let us know what you think. You can also read View more

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Hair growth

Hi everyone I am creating a natural hair relax with egg yoke and avocado and I have been trying to upload my course I need help please View more

Who's up for a voucher exchange? Best answer

I'm not sure if this exercise confficts with any community rules etc or codes of conduct so I will leave this post here until I get a confirmation that I can go ahead with this or until two days View more

Rise or fall? Best answer

Hi I am new to Udemy and about to publish my first course. While researching Udemy, I have noticed that some very strong courses with amazing content have not been selling well whereas some View more

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Announcement and update regarding Udemy LIVE 2020 Best answer

A number of you have reached out to us to get details about Udemy LIVE in 2020. While we began thinking about Udemy LIVE before the COVID-19 crisis, due to the current situation, we have decided to View more

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Rank up notification

Hi.I got notification for rank up level 2 at 29th may and yoday again got that. You rank up to level 2. Why udemy again rank up 2 instead of 3 View more

The Explosion in Sales: Blip or Trend? Best answer

Many, if not most of us, are seeing a very significant explosion/increase in enrollments this month. If the data for the first 13 days represents half of this month's sales, the total for this View more

Free enrollments

HiDear as my course published on 5th june at that day i got 1st student enrolled.But next day did not get any enrollmentToday i got 2/3 more free enrollment all these are my previous college students View more

My name is Luis Fernando Best answer

Hello to everbody I was wondering if I can do a spiritual Cristian curse, I am a Cristian going to biblical school, i have a degree of nutrition and am doing fitness instructor course in other View more

What are your tips for instructing from home? Best answer

In the spirit of community, we think now is as important a time as ever to share best practices with each other, especially as some people are choosing to spend their newfound time working on courses View more


Hi guys! Do Udemy have specific Milestones? Goals for creators? I would like to work towards some goals. View more

A milestone


Hello everyone! Today, I've hit the first milestone. Now I have to figure out how to generate the same amount on a monthly basis ) Still have much to work on. Have a good day View more

INQUIRY newbie here Best answer

Hi there I'm a newbie instructor here is it okay to upload make up tutorial here and spiritual lessons? Thank you. 🙂 I would be glad to share my knowledge to different students here. I'm so View more

How many students do YOU have? Best answer


Hi there! For inspiration, I thought it might be fun to share student numbers. Plus any tips that you might have to help grow your student base - things that have worked and somethings that might View more

Business Best answer

How do I grow my business on Udemy . What can I do to survive my business doing this pandemic Tiverepeter030 View more

First course published, Hot and New! Best answer


I'm really excited because this is my first course published, and it already achieved the Hot & New badge. This is what worked for me: I made sure to select a topic from insights tool that was View more

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Stories and inspiration
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