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Udemy vs its Competitors

There are many e-learning websites popping up all over the place and there are more and more options for us as instructors to stretch our exposure to a wider student base. Having dabbled in a few View more

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Rookies of the Month - June 2019

Hey everyone! Every month, new people join Udemy and publish their first course. We want to take some time and celebrate this milestone (the first of many!). Here are some of our newly published View more

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It's taken a while but crossed $10k Best answer


Hi All,Just crossed the 10k barrier. I've been on Udemy since June 2015 but for most of that time I only had one course up. You can see from the chart below..things only really took off in January View more

For you awesome tech mentors(Full stack, web and etc)

Can you stop making courses where you build one project over 50 hours of learning? As a mentor and as a student I have to say that a lot of people need to skip to certain parts and when you start View more

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1 Month on Udemy Best answer

I Been Making Videos Where I Don't Show my Face and Just Use Screencast I didn't Thought People Would be learning and Completing My Full Course After I Published on Day 1 I was Just Watching my View more

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6 months in and hit 2K a month Best answer

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Guys, there are some on here that feel it's already "too late". That the established instructors are entrenched, and it's impossible to make gains now. It's wrong. You just have to fight hard!! I'm 6 View more

What did you achieve last month?

Hey there and welcome to the 1st of the month!! I love the first of the month as it gives us chance to look back across last month and see what went well and what we can improve on. Plus we can look View more

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all you fathers out there in Udemy land who develop courses and seek to serve your families by improving your own condition so you may improve their's. To serve your children is View more

The choices I’ve made

Im only 29yrs old, but I have been through some challenges in life that I would love to share with those who seek help or advice. Abuse, addiction, mental health, eating disorders, medications and View more

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Let's celebrate open-mindedness!

“I teach courses geared towards non-native English learners such as courses on English communication and tips on how to work overseas since that is what I love to do. There are endless opportunities View more

Rookies of the month - April 2019

Hey instructors (and soon-to-be instructors)! I’m jumping into the community today to highlight a few first-time publishers that got off to a good start in April. Every month, hundreds of instructors View more

Share something you’re proud of!

Happy Friday! Let’s kick off the weekend on a positive note and share something you’re proud of. This could be publishing a new course, hitting a milestone, or even successfully teaching your dog a View more

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Heartfelt Thank you to Udemy from my family!

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 12.39.00 PM.png

My name is Mohammad Azam and I am an iOS/Web instructor on Udemy. Udemy is my part time job, as I teach full time for a bootcamp. I am writing this post to thank Udemy for providing me the View more

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Stories and inspiration
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