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What are you most excited about in 2023?


Hey Instructor Community! It’s the new year and that means fresh starts and new opportunities in the horizon! Every new year should be a period of reflection and optimism! We’re so excited to help View more

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Merhaba Türkiye'de Eğitim Veren Dostlarım

Udemy Türkiye olarak eğitmenler arasında tanışma ve sohbet etme gibi bir etkinlik neden düzenlemiyoruz? 🙂 Birbirimize ilham ve fikir verebilir ve bu platformun sadece eğitim için değil sosyal ağ View more

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Practice Tests

HiWhy are udemy practice tests not included in udemy for business?They can add value for students who use UFB, at the same time udemy can develop a criteria for paying to the instructors for example, View more

How do you like UDEMY so far?

Hello,I've been selling instructional videos for a few years now on Udemy and Id like to hear from others with some experience about the platform in general. What do you think of Udemy's View more

Start the new year with new goals for 2023!

Hey there! It’s the new year and we want to start 2023 strong with our new theme, New Year New Goals. We want to make sure that you are set up for success and create the perfect goals for you to View more

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Just wanted to let you know...

You are appreciated! My fellow instructors worldwide who take hours of their time to make sure people don't fall into the pitfalls we did are appreciated! I just wanted to say thank you from myself View more

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A personal update :)

Hey everyone! I have a bit of personal news to share with you all. Today is actually one of my last days working at Udemy, and I wanted to let you all know so you weren't confused if I stopped View more

Rookies of the month - May 2019

Hey instructors! Back again to share May's Rookies of the Month! In May, hundreds of instructors just like you published their first course on Udemy. Based on our data, these instructors had some of View more

Crossed 90k Course Enrollments in 7 Months

Screenshot 2022-11-28 100417.png

I remember when I started out in January 2022 and thought of creating a course and after filling information I just let it. Then in may I had some free time and I create a short course on WordPress View more

My first $100 🤑

Hi teachers.I want to share with you all. Today I have received my first paymant from udemy $100 in just 30 days. Which is so excited journey so far. I learnt a lot from other community members. View more

Meet Jason Dion - Community Champion Spotlight


Hello Instructor Community! It’s time to get to know one of your Community Champions in this month’s Community Champion Spotlight. Each month we’re helping you get to know some of the community’s View more

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I didn't get the payout of Oct yet

My earnings are in negative, I have been messaging the support since 1th Oct, they keep answering me we still working on this problem, and you will get your correct earnings, NOW it's 12th Oct, and View more

First impressions of black friday

Hello there, I remember everyone complained about first three weeks of november sales but now black friday is active. What can you tell about the first day of black friday? Do you see any increase in View more

December payout display

Hi, December payouts that until recently showed December 8, now display Jan 06. Is this month payout supposed to be delivered next month? Or is this a technical issue like that we experienced a few View more

Instructor Spotlight: Meet Nina Weinstein

Spotlight - Nina.png

Hello Instructor Community! This month's theme in the community is Instructor Stories, which calls for another Instructor Spotlight! This time, we're introducing you to Nina Weinstein. Nina lives in View more

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It's Monday! Let's get motivated with a .gif party!

Let's go Cat!.gif Let's go Cat!.gif

It's the beginning of the new week and it's time to get moving! Post your favorite gif that helps you get motivated so we can spread the encouragement! I'll start with my personal favorite! Post your View more

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Student not getting support from Udemy

A student contacted me about not being able to download the course material due to some HTML web site error. I cannot download any resources in the course: "Kerberos authentication in Windows View more

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Bad reviews

Iam just wondering why students who leave a bad rating dont answer the messages or start a discussion to elaborate more for them! They just complete 5% of the course leave a bad reviews without View more

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Stories and inspiration
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