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How to withdraw withholding tax amount? Best answer

Can you tell me how should I withdraw the amount that has been accumulated in the With-holding tax section of the revenue report?I am not a US resident nor living in the US. View more

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Things I learned, mostly the hard way

BackgroundPublished my first course in 2015. I now have 14 courses published on Udemy.My total revenue earned to date is roughly $42,000.00.My student count is 250,000. IntroductionUdemy is still View more

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Biggest risk you've ever taken? Best answer

Hello instructors! It’s time for another Hot Topic! What is the biggest risk you’ve taken in your course creation journey? Leave a comment below and let us View more

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August Goal Check-ins!

Happy August! It’s accountability time 🙂 Last month you shared all of the goals and activities you wanted to accomplish in July. How did you do? Leave us a comment and let us know if you View more

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What is your goal for this month?

Well, this month we all have goals to achieve in our various courses and I strongly believe that you all have goals which you wish to achieve, and my goal for this month is to train many people to View more

Back to school

Hello,Good day,I have one dought when was back to school promotions in udemy...please let me know Thanks &RegardsRajesh View more

Hot and New Badge!!!

Udemy - Hot and New....PNG

I am super stoked about this, less than a week after launch and I have the New and Hot Badge on my course. I guess I am getting excited about everything right View more

How sad some people are🥳

I find it really sad how so many create fake accounts to be trolls and give bad reviews to others but what is sadder is that they are allowed to continue to do so even after it has been pointed out View more

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This is demoralizing

I have been here a full year by now. At this stage, I am convinced that this platform is not for me. How do I delete my courses and take my toys home? View more

Caregiver: Who I Am Best answer

Hello!I am alpha, a single mom and a student trainee at actec (asian Caregiver Technology Inc.) Bacoor branch, here in Philippines. I get here to Udemy to share to you all my learnings and knowledge View more

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I hope its a perfect plateform of online earning... Sheikh waqas ilyas View more

Confidence building

few problems such as-Are you facing problem while speaking English? Are you not confident enough to speak English?Is there a communication gap?or there is statement ,sentences in your head but it's View more

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Celebrating 500k and Some tips Best answer


I wanted to take the time thank Udemy and Share some insights. A couple of weeks we passed the $500K mark. To be honest with you we never could have imaged that our journey in Udemy would have View more

New Teacher

Hi I'm new here, just starting up my training career as a trainer on Udemy. The first start of an AutoCAD course in the Arabic language. I want to benefit from your experience in promoting the course View more


Hi I am a retired Uni Lecturer in Fashion Business,I am interested in considering teaching on Udemy, can anyone advise what their experience of working with this platform have been View more


Hi, I applied for python course. What was the instructions for learning this course View more

Blessings to your teaching endeavors

Hey community of Udemy! I'm just here to say that this a new way of communication I haven't seen before and it is really strong. Whether you teach cooking, mechanics, AI or Tourism, much success in View more

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Stories and inspiration
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