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Do You Have Any Questions You're Afraid to Ask?

Sometimes it's a bit intimidating to start a whole new Post just to ask a question. 


So go ahead and ask your question as a comment in this thread, and I'll do my best to answer. No stress, no worries. No dumb questions. Ask away.


Who am I? I'm a fellow instructor, and I've been on Udemy for about 7 years. Udemy's my full-time income these days and they've been very good to me over the years. I've seen a lot. And I'm here to help. So how can I help you? What do you need to succeed? LMK below.



Hi Scott,


Thank you for offering your help on here.


My course was recently flagged for not generating enough enrollments. The email from Udemy said that I need to update my course with a fresh video at least every 6 months. What else can I add to it?  


Also, do you have any tips to attract new students? I've been marketing it through my Instagram page.





Hi there, thanks for asking.


I notice your course is called "Structural Analysis of Statically Determinate Trusses".


I can't say that this is a topic that I am familiar with. 


For this particular course, you need to identify who your ideal student is. I think you did a pretty good job describing them in the course landing page. It appears to be Engineering students who are stuck on this particular element of learning structural engineering, who also speak English. Do you have an idea of how many people in the world that may be? Maybe 10,000 total? I don't know. 


Next, you have to get this course in front of them. I am not sure if enough of those 10,000 are on Instagram and searching the right hashtags for your posts to get in front of them.


You might try Facebook ads, to catch people in the right age group, college and university engineering students, etc. But it's hard to see how you can make money advertising to a small group of people at this price point.


Your course has 4 students and 0 reviews. I always say that you need to push that thing to at least 10 reviews. So you might have to give your course away for free to "a few" people and ask them nicely to review it (honestly). 0 reviews is not a great place to be.


To be honest, I'd think about your next course. That's your highest expected value move. Something that might have some mainstream appeal. 


Think about the Discovery Channel, the Science Channel, and mass entertainment youtube channels and tv shows - and what kind of programs they air related to your expertise in Engineering.


Find the most-watched engineering videos on YouTube. Find the most popular TV shows in your field. What are they teaching?


"The Science of Suspension Bridges - How They Stay Up"

"The Science of Burj Khalifa and Other Mega Skyscrapers"

"How to Build in Earthquake Zones"


Things like that. What would a million people potentially be interested in when they are bored on a Saturday afternoon related to engineering? 


I think your success on Udemy will be in that space.


If you want to remain on the academic side of engineering, you might have to do more marketing. Write a newsletter, build a mailing list, start a community, start a YouTube channel on the topic.... find a way to bring free information to people that can hook them into your paid course.


Have a look at Arjit Raj on Udemy, you might have some things in common:


Good luck!




Hi @ScottDuffy 

I am completely new to this field and also english is not my native language but i am trying very hard to improve english and delivery so that i can reach to wider audience’s. In June i have launched my two course.
Conversation rate for first is 3.4 % and for second is 5.2%
I able to earned in June :-  $341.11 and July:- $412 

Actually can you suggest me how can i improve my courses.

Is it possible for me to earn $1500/month from udemy? maybe dumb question.

Thanks in advance  


There are no dumb questions, first of all.


"Is it possible for me to earn $1500/month from Udemy?" Don't let me or anyone else tell you what you can achieve. General life advice, OK? I know it's possible to make much more than that on Udemy. Maybe not easy for everyone. But it's possible. I know hundreds of people that do.


"Whether you think you can, or think you can't, you're right." - Henry Ford.


For future courses, you'll have to improve the sound quality. There is quite a lot of echo. It sounds like you are recording in an empty room. I can understand you OK, but as a future improvement, you need to figure out how to record without so much echo. 


In fact, if you get bad reviews saying the student can't understand you, some of that will be because of the echo. I think this is probably the most important thing you need to work on.


The course I previewed is called "Full stack project with spring boot java and react - TDD".


It's a minor thing, but you should learn about "Title Case" because book titles, course titles, blog post titles, etc should have every word start with a capital. 


In my search, you are #4 for "spring boot react" on Udemy. But I see that you expect students to have beginner-level skills in Spring and React already. So you're not "teaching" spring, you're just using it?


So what are you teaching? Test-Driven Development? You should use the word "Test Driven Development (TDD)" in your course title. TDD alone is not enough.


"Master Test-Driven Development (TDD) with Spring Boot & React"


I don't know if that title fits, but I would try that as a title and see if it improves things.


Those are my suggestions for now. It's a competitive category. Good luck!

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