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Not Everyone is a Superstar - Just Keep Going

Hi There,

I'm Denise and I have been on Udemy for a few years. I have 10 courses.

I thought I'd share some of my thoughts about NOT being the most successful of Udemy instructors.

I think when you first come to Udemy it can be easy to give up before you have even got going with creating your course. Or you create your course and it isn't successful at all and you feel deflated.

It's comparisonitis!!!  Comparing yourself to other people.

Some course creators just nail their course and their niche and are immensely successful from the word go.

I want you all to know that there is room for everyone to get some success and over time you can be more successful. It just takes more time and perseverance for some / many people. Don't give up. Learn.

For me I overcome my technical shortcomings just by learning bit by bit. It was an enormous mountain to climb.I am still learning.

I have become more successful and Udemy does reap rewards as long as you keep at it

Sometimes it is important to keep in your mind that there are course creators who earn nothing but also there are course creators who earn a fortune. However there are a lot more who earn somewhere inbetween and that is ok and can pay your bills or help you earn extra money if you have lost your job, you need more money, you need to work flexibly because of family commitments, you have been ill or you are retired.


Just keep the end in mind and your reason, your why for create online learning 

Kind Regards