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no response Udemy support

Hey! my account is suspended i am conntect Udemy support but no response on my email.please help me.@Sijal_Ahmed @WillY @TonyH @AYUDEMY View more

Test Video Best answer

Hello guys!I have a question.I submitted my test video 6 days ago, with 4 working days, but I haven't received any response.What should I do?I want to start creating courses as soon as possible, but View more


I submitted my affidavit of rights form, with the confession video and sign Email that I have all the rights of courses there days before but the Udemy verification team asked for the complete View more

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Is that true ?!


Hi everyone I just got this email from : cheryl.richards@udemy.com they asked me to cooperate with them for tax forms related things , please see attached pic Im confused .. is it SPAM or SCAM !! View more

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coures issue

I made payment for my python beginners course and they are not showing on my time line. can any one help out how to go about this View more

About approval of my course

HelloI created a new course called "Qgıs Uzaktan Algılama Uygulamaları". When i send this course for confirmation, udemy community said that i must change video aspect ratio.Then i created my course View more

Dropshipping course

Hello. I'm here to present you perfect course for dropshipping. I searched for long time best course for this business and I found it. If you want it contact me View more

Unable to Upload Test Video

Hello, I've purchased Movavi ScreenRecorder to submit my sample video for feedback. I've verified this app records in 1080P, however, upon uploading my video, Udemy keeps saying my video does not View more

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Verification process

I have uploaded all video with my iPad with voice recording could I eligible for verification cause I have sent them verification and didn’t get reply View more

How to Download My Own Video Best answer

Just like the title says... is there a way that I can download my own videos? I think I lost a few somewhere on my hard drive. Thanks! GT View more

Bad audio on Udemy's side - I lose money

I just got a private message from a student, who was really angry about the horrible audio quality of my course - apparently the audio was constantly breaking off, she heard the music but then no View more

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Course Marketing

HelloI created my first course on UdemyI want to market this courseWhat is the best method that I can take? View more

My first course

Hello I'm shivansh Actually I created my first course recently and uploaded it but after 2 days I received a email and in email they said that I have to do another verification because they thought View more

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Updated version of quality review process

Hitoday I found this message on my course in the instructor's dashboard:"Our course quality review process has been updated since you last submitted your course. Please unpublish and resubmit your View more

In built Microphone

Hi am new here..am using an in built microphone on my laptop to try and teach 9 modules. Sometimes i hear a sound of the hard drive in the background is this acceptable in the udemy platform? Let me View more

Software/Equipment you could not live without?

It’s a brand new week! Let’s kick it off with a new Hot Topic! What is the one piece of equipment or software that is integral to your success as an online instructor? Leave a comment View more

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About Audio Equipment for recording Best answer

Dear Sirs, I have not published my course, I still have a plan of How to make standard of Quality of Video n the Audio of the Couse. I have sent the test Video 2 times, n get the feedback , thank so View more

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A/V Solutions
Figure out how to create the best audio and visual set-up for your price point and skill level. This is a great place to chat about different mics, green screens, video editing software, and more.
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