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New Transaction fee

I am noticing a new transaction fee (3 %) in my revenue report since 3rd May (the time the new model share price was introduced). 

Whats this about?

And why are they taking a tax plus a separate transaction fee?

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Noticed this today as well, and it seems that Udemy have updated the Instructor Terms:


When a student purchases your Submitted Content, we calculate the gross amount of the sale as the amount actually received by Udemy from the student ("Gross Amount"). From this, we subtract any Transaction Taxes, any mobile platform fees applied to mobile provider checkout sales, a 3% service and processing fee (except in Japan, where we subtract a 4% fee) for any non-mobile provider checkout sales, and any amounts paid to third parties in connection with the Promotional Programs to calculate the net amount of the sale ("Net Amount").


That is really upsetting, since the messages about the new revenue share policy focused on the organic reach and ads/affiliates promotions, and this fee was mentioned very briefly. 


Meanwhile, since all these revenue share changes took effect, I'm having a phenomenally bad month on Udemy. I don't see any increase from ads and affiliate program sales, but I do feel a major decrease in revenue from the organic sales. And now also this 3% transaction fee... Honestly, I feel like I've been robbed. 

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@aditi28 @ThinkCitric523 


This topic has been discussed at very great length over the past month here in the community. There are at least two very long discussions dealing with this and the revision of the ads/organic payout percent to 37%. Here is one of them:

I think it is fair to say that no one is happy about this. The moderators have done their best to explain it and most of us have just accepted the fact that the real percent that you will earn now is 34%. The theory is that this change will enable Udemy to fund more advertising that will eventually increase our business. It is a big experiment and we will just have to wait and see. 


Personally, I have  turned the page and I am focusing on what is in my control - developing and improving my courses. 


Lawrence M. Miller

Thank you so much for the clarification and the link. Somehow, it didn't show up in the search results for me, so I missed that discussion. 

In any case, I've read your comments there and I agree with you. It is about trust, but we can't really do anything... 


I've started teaching on Udemy last year, and it is my main source of income to this day. It was a huge help for me and my family during the pandemic crisis, and I'm very, very grateful for that. Unfortunately, I've seen a very negative impact from the recent changes, and that's where my frustration is coming from. 


I know that marketing efforts show results after a while, and I really hope they will. Until then - I don't think I'm going to choose Udemy for publishing my new course. 


Thank you again,

Marina (Think Citric)

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