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Hi there, is anyone know how can I download my own videos here?


Thank you for your help in advance.

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Hi, @АннаРайт Good question! As the instructor of a course, you may view and download all your content by heading to the course "Curriculum" page.


Steps on how to preview and download your course content are available in this article.

I hope it helps!

Fernanda Rivera

Community Moderator

Hi Mafer,

I have the same problem, and the article you pointed out does not include instructions for downloading videos. 

I have lost one of my videos on my disk, so I need to download it from Udemy. Unfortunately, when I preview the course or the lecture, the Download button is greyed out even when the Downloadable option is on.

Udemy documentation says downloading videos is impossible unless on the Udemy mobile app. This makes sense for the students, but it must be downloadable for the instructors.

Can you please help me out here?

Suddenly I am unable to download any of my own course videos except like this:


Screenshot 2023-11-20 163718.png


when in fact the image should fill the screen. Last week I downloaded an entire course to update the videos and now those same videos cannot be downloaded and nor can ANY of the 50,000 others. Incredibly someone else CAN download them on his own computer so it must be something my end. I've rebooted, swept for malware and so on but...nothing. Any ideas anyone please?



I found that by going to Instructor view, I set the video to downloadable, then in preview I can download it. When done go back to Curriculum and set it to not downloadable again.

hope that helps. Let me know if I can help further.

Robert Chalmers
Author & Instructor

Thank you but that makes no difference. The weird thing is I have been able to download my own stuff for several years now and then suddenly this has happened. It's causing a major problem in trying to update certain lectures for BF...

But thank you anyway

OK...update. Another Instructor came to see me. He logged into Udemy on my computer (Windows) and was (like me) unable to download. He then went home and (on his Mac) tried to download (all was OK yesterday) and the same problem surfaced! So I'd be extremely grateful if anyone could tell me if they are having the same problem..... thank you

Hi @ChrisBankes120


I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with downloading your course content. 

Could you please reach out to our support here? The team will look into that for you!


Thank you so much! 





I did...two days ago but we're not really getting very far so I posted here. 

@АннаРайт - Dear Anna, It is really simple:


1. In Curriculum area, go to desired lectured, preview the lecture "As Instructor"




2. Click Gear Icon within Video Player and Click "Download Lecture" as show in screenshot below:




NOTE: Remember the quality of video might be different than the one you see on screen.


Kind regards

Like I said before. The downloaded video will reman small unless  you 

Go to Curriculum

Set video switch to downloadable 


Select Preview as Instructior

Download the video

Gi back and reset the Downloadable switch to off 


Robert Chalmers
Author & Instructor

Image 22-11-2023 at 10.24.jpeg

Go to Curriculum.

Set video to downloadable

Goto Preview

Download (it will be right size)

Go back and switch off Downloadable


Robert Chalmers
Author & Instructor

As said, I've been downloading quite happily for several years and then suddenly everything changed. This particular video I downloaded last week and all was OK. Now look:




Unfortunately I am not getting far with Support as I told them about this and it is all my videos - about 20,000 - and they simply wish to know which one I am having trouble with.


Thank you



Hi Chris.

My apologies. You are right.  Only two weeks ago I had to download a lot of my courses for modifications.


Now the same process doesn't work. It produces the miniature images as we now see.

So Support needs to get off their collective Arses and fix the problems. There is also another problem in there too but I won't muddy the water with that one.


Robert Chalmers
Author & Instructor

I mean this in the nicest way but 'Hooray!' as this means it is a UDEMY problem not a 'my computer' problem or a 'Chris's courses' problem....


What with this and the Course Description problems....

This lecture was uploaded to Udemy about 8 days ago - now I cannot download


You are correct sir, it is not auto-downloading, in fact the version allowed to be downloaded is [too] of lowest quality. Native video player of a bowser may be different, normal html 5 video player has a knob on right side, as shown in image below:



IF you click that you will have a floating menu that has the Download entry, click that please. Or simply Press Ctrl + S (Sindows / Linux) , Command + S (Mac) to save it to disk.



To Udemy staff :  (Possible fix)  -  Your script that is rendering media file data isn't probably sending header content-disposition as "attachment" in the beginning (and/or before data is pushed to output). 


Kind regards

Different lecture, different computer, on a Mac.


Partial reply received today: "due to logistical reasons, however, at this time the issue with video resolution is not being prioritized."

Not good for students. Unwatchable.

Robert Chalmers
Author & Instructor

what the he**, seriously?? (I mean their response about not prioritizing the issue that so many seem to be struggling with). I know you posted it last year, have you managed to resolve the issue? I am now struggling with the same problem 

Yes...and no. I write to Udemy with a list of the videos I would like them to download. They then download them for me and put them on G Drive. I then download - that's what happened with the last 90....

Jesus Christ. Well, I guess this is better than nothing at least... 🙂 They did just ask me the same - which videos and ich course I am talking about. I suppose they will be able to help me in the same way you described then. Fortunately, for me it is "only" about 30 or so videos , so fingers crossed 😕

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