What kind of backdrops to people use?

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What kind of backdrops to people use?

Hello All


I have now 7 courses but they have all been screen capture. I would like to do one where I am live talking to student. What kind of back drops do you guys use. I am looking at just using sound panels as my bakdrop. 


Thank you 



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I've been using this one lately:




It comes in a bunch of different colors. You'll need a lighting stand and a clip for it as well; both are available in the "frequently bought together" widget on that page.


These "pop-out" backdrops are good because the metal frame creates tension on them, pulling out most of the wrinkles. I like to shoot a light straight up at it from the bottom to create a nice glow around me.

Hey Marko!

It depends on what you are looking for.  For Branding, like what you put all of your courses under, you could buy a custom backdrop screen printed with your logo graphic etc.  or like what I have which is the 3 colors standard backdrop.  White, black and green for custom green screen graphics.

I plan to shoot my vids on white as to give it a clean feel and look.  I personally don't want distractions from my students as they go through the lessons.  Looking around at different things in the background isn't good in my personal opinion.  I hope this helps.  


Graphy Lighting Studio Bundle



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I'm just getting started, but when I took courses on course-building, I noticed which backgrounds seemed distracting, which were neutral, and which seemed to enhance the experience.


I settled on the same color I use for my psychotherapy office. I don't have a convenient wall I could paint that color, so I got a background frame and clipped a bed sheet to it. Bed sheets come in a wider variety of colors than background papers I could find online. It took a lot of clips to pull the wrinkles out, but it works for me. 


I also put a light behind me, shining on the sheet. Here's a screen grab from one sample video.Background.jpg

David, I absolutely love this - simple and soothing. Thank you for the accompanying screenshot - it really does say it all, IMHO. Question for you: would you be willing to share which frame you got to accomplish that look? (I know that you posted this many years ago, but am hoping you still remember or know or have it, lol.) Thank you!

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