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Share a photo of your A/V setup! This thread is pinned

Hello Instructors! This week we announced that we’re dedicating the entire month of May to everything Audio Visual. Discussions, tips, events, and resources, you’ll find it all right here in the View more

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Which Editing Software do you use? This thread is pinned

Hello Instructors! We know that everyone has their own style of video creation because we’ve already seen your different audio & visual setups. But for this discussion, we’d love to know which View more

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Need a little help with your Audio/Visual setup? This thread is pinned

Since we are talking about all things Audio & Visual this month, we thought it would be a good idea to show you some of the AV resources that live right in the Teaching & Help Centers. Here are the View more

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No Sales just free coupon student

Hey all I need help ,my course have been live since yesterday on Udemy but not a single sales just free coupon I gave to student , can someone check an know why I have not been making any sales since View more

Tax withholding form

After pressing begin button, entering instructor Id- all details- continue button. There is select form..I select form but no further process, can't press continue button, no form there. What to View more

Video Equipment & Setup

I am on a PC. With so many options, I am wondering if someone can help me cut it down to a few options including microphones, etc. A long list does not help. Also, I hear a lot of people here talking View more


Hi all.......newbe here. How do I inset a PDF into my slide show? View more

Video problems and streaming issues Best answer

Hi there I have recently published my first course .. most of them did not complain but few started complaining about these issues 1. Videos getting stuck a lot .. they are dissatisfied.. is this View more

People Buy Urdu Language Course.

Hi, I am an Islamic studies teacher. So, that is why I want to give a lecture on Islamic topic and give a lecture on the Urdu language. I want to benefit from your experience in promoting the course View more

What wrong on my course

I have changed my title and description to Tamil as same to my video voice language. Again and again you mentioned same issues. What can I do i dont know, please help me tell clearly what's happened View more

English tenses

I am going to teach you English language with in one or two videos you are ready to speak and you will frame sentence View more

New Transaction fee

I am noticing a new transaction fee (3 %) in my revenue report since 3rd May (the time the new model share price was introduced). Whats this about?And why are they taking a tax plus a separate View more

English literature and grammar

Good morning students, my Vasundhra I will help you with your English literature as well as in grammar . Thank you students , have a nice day and please focus on your View more

Can I post my course on you tube?

My course is not selling as I expected, so am planning to post my course on Youtube, is that okay if I unpublish my course on udemy and post it on Youtube? View more

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How to add text to video?

Hi,I am using Logitech Capture to create my videos, VideProc to capture the static pictures and accompany them with voice-over. None of these SW allows me to comfortably add text to edited videos (I View more

Reselling udemy courses

Hi Can i use use udemy api to build a website that display udemy courses to my website visitor. I mean rebranding but using udemy courses, there is no issue of udemy logo and anything else related to View more

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Improve audio quality

Hi everyone, what is the best way to improve our audio quality? Currently using the PowerDeWise Lav mic for talking head and PPT narration. I'm thinking of investing in either a better Lav mic View more

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Impuestos de las ganancias

Buenas Tardes a todos, Soy nuevo en esta plataforma..Mi primera venta no tuvo retencion de impuestos y me dieron el 50% de lo que pago el alumno.Sin embargo en las demas ventas si me han cargado el View more

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Hey, I was instructor. But a week age I was banned. Can I create new account and start from scratch? With new videos content and topics View more

Rating Best answer

Hello great instructorsI have a question I have two courses but one of them its rating is going down alone with out any bad rewiews What is the problem View more

کسب درآمد

سلام دوستان عزیز من یک سوال دارم اگر کسی هیچ برنامه برای بارگیری نداشته باشد چگونه میشود درآمد بدست آورد ممنون میشم توضیح دهید View more

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Sound not present in one of my videos

Hi all, I just launched my course, everything was fine on day 1. Then a friend who reviewed noticed the sound wasn't coming through on the intro video. I checked yesterday and indeed no sound! I View more

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Lighting kit

Hi, I'm trying to use the best lighting for my course. But I can't decide which one to use.I want low budget lighting kit that meets Udemy requirements. I am thinking about ring light but I'm not View more


Hello students are English I am going to this course is really about the threads malwares and many more that's attacks your computer or device I am also think I am also include that this course View more

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Audio and video solutions
Figure out how to create the best audio and visual set-up for your price point and skill level. This is a great place to chat about different mics, green screens, video editing software, and more.
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