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I'm in the process of making a Unity Tower Defense game course using some CC license assets I found over here: Tower Defense Kit · Kenney

Recently I stumbled across this course already on Udemy: Learn To Create a Tower Defence Game With Unity & C# | Udemy  that uses some (not all) of the assets from the same pack.


Is it still feasible/allowed to continue with development of my course or would they be too similar?
I have some ideas that will differentiate my course from his, however, there would be some similarities due to the towers being the same.


Thank you!

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 I think the key word here is licensed: if you purchase these assets then your license should tell you whether you are allowed to make these assets available for download in your course. Sometimes it helps to speak directly with the creator of the assets about this. 

It's licensed under Creative Commons so I'm pretty sure I can distribute them.


My question isn't on whether or not I'm able to use the assets, it's whether or not I should considering someone else on Udemy already has a course with them.


My other options would be to find another asset pack, build one myself, or change course topic.

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Can you make a substantially better and more comprehensive course around this asset pack than the one that currently exists? The one you pointed to has 11 hours of content and a 4.7 review score (which is really good), so that's your minimum bar for a student to consider choosing your new course over the other one.

I'm not sure tbh. I have some ideas that I don't believe are covered in any Tower defense course on udemy but it is my first course so I'm not sure how good I will do.


However, honestly I don't really care if my first course doesn't do so good as long as I finish it and release something. I can always take what I learned on a second one.


Thank you for everyones replies.

I think you should definitely proceed with making your course; it's different enough just by having you as the instructor.

As an example, I follow about 10 different creators regarding how to grow a YouTube channel. There are many more than 10 creators who teach this topic, but some of them are just 'annoying' for me, even though they're teaching the same content, there are other people I prefer to learn it from.


To tie this all together, there are 8 Billion people in this world, so there will be plenty who would prefer to learn about Unity Tower Defense from you, because they prefer your presentation and style.


Go get it done!

Course creation is a big undertaking.


It blows my mind why would anyone invest their most precious asset (their time) with no idea what value they are bringing to the world and what returns they expect.

As someone who's fairly new in this area, I know that if I had to have absolutely everything completely sorted out and under control, I'd probably never get it done. There's so many nuances to master, so I prefer the 'ready, fire, aim' approach, where you get started, and then steer

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