Do I need to call my course sections 'lectures'?

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Do I need to call my course sections 'lectures'?

Im making my first course.
I know I need to upload at least 5 lecture and the total should be more than 30 minutes.
My question is - does the platform automatically call the five sections 'lectures' . I want to know what to refer to my sections as when introducing them.....Can I say 'Session 1...' for example or 'Section 1' or do I have to say 'Lecture 1' because the platform will label my content as lectures?
Many thanks for any info on this.

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When you start building your course you will see that there are sections, then there are lectures within a section. Please look at other courses for examples. You can go on almost any course and you will see the "curriculum" broken down into sections and lectures within sections. Think of it as your course is about The World, and your first section is Asia, your second Section is North America, your third section is Europe. With each section you have countries. In the Europe section you have a lecture on France, Germany, etc. 


I don't know what your course is about, but I hope you aren't just trying to make a 30 minute course. Minimal length courses don't sell and are essentially a waste of your time. Look at other courses in your topic and undersand that you will be competing with the best courses in that category.

Lawrence M. Miller

Hi @AnnettePoro814,  glad to know you are making your first course! 


You can edit the 'Lecture' field to any title you want. Once you publish the course, it will not appear as 'Lecture', it will show up according to what you have set up. 


Here is a great support article to help you start: 
How to Add Sections, Lectures, and Video Content to Your Course


Feel free to reach back out if you have any other questions and if you need any advice to publish your first course.


Abbie Reyes
Udemy Community Team

Thank you Abbie.

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