Feedback Thread: Give & Get Feedback on your course here!

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Feedback Thread: Give & Get Feedback on your course here!

Whether this is your first or fifth course, it’s always helpful to hear from other instructors how you can improve your course content to be even better. 


Before you share your course content, check out our self-promotion policy and read these quick guidelines:


  1. Be specific. Share what you’re looking to improve or things you’re concerned about so your fellow instructors can provide targeted feedback.
  2. Upload content directly. Whenever you can, directly upload a video or course outline to our platform so it’s easier for other instructors to check it out.
  3. Don’t share course links or instructor coupons. This is a space to share and receive feedback, not sell to other instructors. If you want to reference a course, share the full name of your course without linking it. Instructors can find the course by clicking on your community profile and going to your instructor account on Udemy.
  4. Pay it forward. If you’re asking for feedback, look over someone else’s course and give them some feedback too! Always try to give more than you ask for.


 We hope this feedback thread can help you create even better courses!

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Udemy has been excellent to work with thus far.  They are very organized and I really enjoy their promptness in returning messages and keeping you informed.  Thanks a lot!

I totally agree! I´m teaching, but I´m always learning here thanks to you.


I am translating one of my courses from Spanish to English. I would like to know if my level of English is acceptable to teach on Udemy. I am worried that the students will give me negative reviews because of my pronunciation and accent, and my average score as a teacher will drop significantly.
What do you think?

Here's the video:

Thank you all very much!

Hola @Evolvo-Cristina !

I checked out a bit of your video and I think that the level of English is clear. Personally, I love the accent, which I think gives your video a quaint vibe. But, vibes aside, I truly believe in international English, international Portuguese... international languages... so that more people have access to more learning opportunities!


I like your voice and find you easy to follow but I do courses on Domestika so am comfortable with the Spanish accent. I'd still include subs but you've got a lovely voice and clear pronunciation.

You owns a inspiring, clear voice, it is easy to understand 

Hi there, 

I could follow along just fine and listened for about a minute. On Udemy, many instructors who have best selling courses have accents. We teach with a big team and not one of us has a clean US or UK accent. Some have thick Dutch accents, or even thick Spanish or German accents. In other words, the accent is not a deal breaker in any way for most students. It is a small part in a big package. If the rest of your package is good, not many mind that you are not native English speaker.  In fact, a bit of an accent sounds interesting.   



Just had a quick listen (the first 90 seconds) and your pronunciation is just fine.  I help non-native English speakers (mainly Spanish speaking Colombians) improve their English and didn't hear anything wrong.  Good job!

Hi fellow instructors,

My request for help is less specific. In my case, I wonder why my courses are not selling. I believe I have a good product, and in real life I have used all the strategies I share in the courses, so I do not understand why they are not selling here. I would love to hear your thoughts and advice. 

Thanks a million!

Hi Raquel,

One general comment is that the course is new. If you have few people finding your course, continue to market as well as you can. If few visitors sign up, then look toward course content or presentation. Make sure to look up the usual conversion rate of similar courses under Tools.


I reviewed your preview videos and may have a few helpful comments. First, the good stuff. Production values are topnotch, well done. You are an engaging speaker. The topic is important. I enjoyed what I watched.


Here what I hope are helpful comments.

  • You have not established your authority, why should anyone take this course from you?
  • Graphics were hard to see or were on the screen for too short a time
  • You present complex concepts with words with vague meaning and move too quickly through the ideas with unclear outcomes from students’ activities.
  • You didn’t tell me concretely how students will be different after the course. The landing page “what you will learn” is vague and might be better if you declare how students will be different or what they will be able to do.


However, I know this life/meaning material inside and out, so it was difficult to put myself in the mind of your normal student.


Overall, you do good work and success may be only a matter of time (especially with strong marketing efforts outside Udemy).


Good luck.


Robert Brown, Ph.D.
Unique insights for personal & business success

Hello Raquel - you have one English titled course so that's the one I'll comment on.

When preparing online training content I tend to start from the end and work backwards - I get a clear picture of the course outcome first for the student, and this achieves 2 things:

1: Udemy is an incredibly competitive space so you need to tell your prospective students clearly what their takeaway from the course is going to be. Their buying decisions are based on ratings, reviews and how effectively a course and course title match what they're looking for and they make their initial searches in the most general way - using search and filters. You need to have a title and description that is specific that will match itself for what they're looking for.

I feel "Exploring the multiple meanings of life" misses the mark in this respect. Exploring says there probably won't be a tangible result and the word multiple suggests you're going to be wandering from one topic to another. Statistically, most students don't complete an online course. So you need to tell them what they will get - tangible or otherwise - as quickly and as succinctly as possible or their interest will go elsewhere.

2: Having a clear course objective also tells you exactly what content you need to provide in order to tick the boxes you've given a student. If a student wants to learn how to cook Paella then in the development stage you should have worked out every step the student would need to take to cook Paella and by the end of the course the student should be able to succeed. When you can do this you know your course is bulletproof in regard to content delivery and the confidence a student gains fro completing your course will translate into ratings, giving you a leg up when it comes to search filters in point 1.

That being said, you have a lovely speaking voice, are interesting to watch and speak both with confidence and a sense of authority in your topic. The quality of your work is wonderful and I have no doubt you'll engage a student into completion so I'm pretty sure you're falling over in explaining course objectives and outcomes. And that's the part whether the student is deciding whether they will invest their time and money in you or not so it matters.

I'm an astrology instructor so I'm confident esoteric or philosophical topics can succeed and one of my most successful course topics is esoteric astrology - life purpose and soul direction. So there's a market for the deep topics and big subjects.

Just my thoughts.

Dear @DamianMcKinnon ,

What powerful feedback! Thanks so much. I have already made some notes based on your kind and helpful feedback.  It's super to meet someone who is creating courses that are less about tech and more about humans and lifelong learners. 

Let me know if you ever want some feedback too!

You're welcome Raquel! Don't be shy reaching out if I can ever help in any way.

Dear Bob

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at some of the material I created and for sharing your thoughts. Every single point you make makes sense to me. I will certainly do a review. Well done on having created so many courses. Let me know if there is ever any help I can provide!


You're welcome. One other thought. We both face the same challenge. Life is an individual experience, as you say. Somehow, we must define the student's outcome even though we cannot know what it is! All part of the fun. Maybe the meaning of life really is 42. 

Robert Brown, Ph.D.
Unique insights for personal & business success

Ah that magic number 42... it's a complex galaxy! Indeed, individual needs, and like you teach in one of your courses: we need to live our own needs, to avoid getting "jerked" around by everyone else's needs!

Best wishes, off to dreamland here in Lisbon!

If it's not too much trouble, I wonder if people would mind giving me feedback on my promo video to my course titled "SwiftUI 4 and Swift 5.7: iOS App Development for iOS 16". It's about 3 and half minutes long and I'd specifically like feedback on audio quality, as well as how well I explain the course topic and content, and last how well the visuals align with the message.

Hi there, 


I just had a look at your promo and nothing else.  At the end of your promo video, there is too much inactivity. For almost 1 minute, all we see is basically the same udemy interface. This is not good. 10 sec inactivity is probably as far as you can push it. We generally solve these problems by tossing a bit variation in the mix after 10 seconds. Highlight part of the screen, write something there, add a video of you narrating, or a stock video, but never show the same thing for too long without sufficient activity going on. 


Good luck!

Thanks for the tips. I really need to redo the promo. It's also no longer up to date

I am a first time creator and I am trying to build a course on Project Management,  I am attaching here a sample video.
Pl. give me a candid feed back on audio quality, video quality and and the teaching.
-Ulhas Samant

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