How can I change my course category?

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How can I change my course category?


Good day, instructors,


I am new to this and published my first course, "The Complete Grandmaster Screen Printing Pre-Press Course," which's been running for 2 days now with no students yet. Knowing that finding the right category would take some trial and error, I realised that my course on Screen Priting Pre-Press can cover many categories, so it's a matter of finding the right fit.


I see that I can change pretty much everything else, but the catagory, so asking how to go about that change? The course's landing page is where I assume it would be, but I cannot change it there.


If anyone would be so kind as to offer any further suggestions to get this course off the ground, that would also be much appreciated.


Thank you.



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Hi @ColinFlemin368 Congratulations on publishing your first course🎉🎉


Instructors are not able to change the category, but no worries, we can request the change for you, please send us an email to our Instructor Support team and let us know what the new category is that you want to change to, and we’ll be happy to assist.


Best of success!!! 

Hi Bessy! I have the same problem, but the above link redirects me to


Is there an email address where I could write?

Hi @akoskm I'm sorry for the confusion. To contact the team, please open the help center article here and click “Contact Us” on the right.  



I hope this helps!



Udemy Community Moderator 


I tried clicking this button earlier, but it didn't work until I enabled "allowing trackers and ads" in my browser.

I just chatted with a bot and hopefully it submitted a ticket.



Hi!! nice say hello!! 🙂

I hope you are having great results from your courses.


In my case, I just realized that I set up wrong the category of my second course 😬

@Bessy , which would be the email to send this request to Udemy team and change my course category?


Thank you so much in advance

Have a great day 😊


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