How to create 4 course with 7 1.hour-video? First time in Udemy

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How to create 4 course with 7 1.hour-video? First time in Udemy

Hello everyone,


We are a company providing business development services to clients in VN. We would love to use Udemy to see if we can get in touch with potential clients.
We have a complete 100% ready online video training:
- 7 sessions of about 90 min
- each session follows up on the previous one
- we want to give  session 1 for free so people will get to know us and see the value that we're providing
- then we want to sell 3 separate parts: session 2+3 as 1 part, session 4+5 as 2nd part and session 6+7 as 3rd part

- all videos are 100% edited, with a very professional overview and content, we can't change them anymore.

Can we offer them like this?
If not, please provide detailed info on how to do it, since we're new on this platform and it's very difficult for us to understand how to start providing courses here.
Besides, I still don't understand. What is Udemy's definition of a 'lecture'? 
Can you explain more?
Thank you so much for your reply.
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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hi @PhamvuThaov350  Welcome to the community. How exciting to have you here!😊


I'd encourage you to take a look at our official and free Udemy courses, which will help you with getting started on Udemy. 


Also, here are some great resources regarding course creation:

Course Quality Checklist

Teaching Center: How to Plan, Record, Publish and Market your course

Teaching on Udemy: FAQ

Community - Course Creation Compilation

Course Creation Webinar w/ Jimmy Naraine

Webinar Replay: Making the Most of your Instructor Experience w/Katie Bent


Regarding your question about What is Udemy's definition of a 'lecture'? 


Students must be able to view course lectures on the Udemy platform, in other words, since we function primarily as an on-demand, video-based platform, you’ll need to upload your video files directly to Udemy, and you’ll learn to do so by checking the resources that I provided. 


Best of success!!! 

Hi @PhamvuThaov350 ,

You say you "can't change them anymore".

I would suggest that you should split them into videos of 6-10 minutes, depending on when you move onto a different topic. Each split therefore becomes a different lecture.

Session 1 would be a free course. The other sessions would consist of 3 paid-for courses.


You can't sell certain videos within a course, but you can have them as a separate course. If you want to sell them as 3 parts then I'd say split them up in to three courses and then break down the 90 minute videos into smaller videos.  You can't control who buys each part of the course and if they all follow each other I feel that paid courses 2 and 3 wouldn't sell well and possibly have lower ratings due to heavily following the other two paid courses.

My suggestion would be have two courses. One that is the free taster that then heavily filters into the paid course and then the paid part. Splitting the paid content into three paid courses isn't the best idea for Udemy. Then split each 90-minute video into 5 parts and then have them as sections within the paid course.

Use your free course to promote your own coupon codes within, this means you will get a much better revenue split with Udemy. Possibly don't opt your paid course into the deals program either

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