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Price at Landing Page

Hi people...

could you please tell me how to change my course price at the landing page?.

I can do it in "back up" price but no in the landing page.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @ClaraRuizAstrología Happy Tuesday! 😊


If you are part of the Udemy Deals Program, then in most markets Udemy is setting your list price.

We continually test different courses at different price points to improve overall revenue. 


In other words, it means that the price you’ve set won’t show up on the landing page, you can learn more about the Deals program in this article.


Best regards,



Hi Bessy... thank you so much for your answer!

Do you recommend to me to be apart of Udemy Deals Program in order to set other price of my course or not, is better to be part of it?.


Have a nice wednesday!

Hi @ClaraRuizAstrología


Thank you for following up. Great question! 


Many instructors participate in the Udemy Deals program, as it allows Udemy to use marketing data to optimize the course's list price and offer discounts in different markets worldwide. 


Another factor to consider is that if you opt out, your courses will no longer be included in Udemy's marketing channels for the Deals Program, such as emails, paid ads, and affiliate marketing. Additionally, opting out will affect your course's participation in external promotions, including search ads, social media placements, and retargeting, which might eventually require more marketing efforts from your side.


I hope this helps with the decision-making. Please let me know if you have additional questions!😊 

Thank you so much, Marina... you are helping me a lot!.

An extra questions... I believe that the price that was established by Udemy is

a bit higher than I expected and I doubt people will want to buy it... is there any way to suggest that Udemy lower the price?, do you recommend that I leave that price as it is and evaluate? Even if it is more expensive than other similar courses?

I'm not a staff at Udemy, but maybe I can give you a general overview about your issue.

Udemy, like many platforms, increases the prices during certain periods and then pushes the prices down during promotional periods to drive sales.

I'm not sure if that is your issue but just wanted to share.

Thanks for your answer... it helps me a lot!.


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