Promotions: Insights, Pros, and Cons

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Promotions: Insights, Pros, and Cons

Hello Instructor Community,

Hope you are all going great.


We are currently exploring the promotional options, including

  • "Limited Free" coupons
  • "Targeted Free" coupons
  • "Best Price" coupons
  • "Custom Price" coupons

that can be redeemed by a broader audience each month.


Could you please share your experiences, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of these options?


What strategies have worked well for you, and what pitfalls should we avoid when using these promotional tools? Your insights and guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks a lot!


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This is a frequent topic and here is a recent thread. 

The forum consensus consistently is to discourage free coupons because of the results we’ve gotten. A lot of people sign up, few take the course, and even fewer leave reviews. We value what we dig up. If it’s given for free for some reason we won’t value it as much. Evidenced by experienced instructors views.


I would like to hear from the forum as well about the “best and custom” priced coupons.

Thanks @Alexia for your reply!

I will definetely checked the suggested thread.

Best Wishes!

right now not using that


Best Yan

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