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Students to earnings ratio

My first course had 3,800~ students and my earnings were about 8,600 USD. Does that make sense?

I know that many students get to enroll for free and there's Udemy's cut, but getting a little over $2 a pop for a course selling for $29.99 seems a bit extremely low to me. 

Is there's a general rule of thumb to calculate projected earnings based on theoretical sales?

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Your earnings of $8,600 from 3,800 students might seem low, but several factors can impact this:

Udemy’s Cut: Udemy takes a percentage of the course price, which varies. You get 97% from your own promotions but only 37% from Udemy’s marketing.
Discounts: Many students likely bought your course at a discounted price, not the full $29.99.
Free Enrollments: Some students may have enrolled for free.
Refunds: Any refunds issued will reduce your total earnings.

A rough formula to estimate earnings is:
Earnings=Students×Avg Price Paid×Revenue Share
For example, with 3,800 students, an average price of $10, and a 37% revenue share:
This is a simplified estimate, but it should help clarify things.

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Hello @MickeyBlume913 - You need to understand how Udemy works. First of all, the price you set really means nothing. Udemy will set the price for your course based on what it thinks the proper price should be, using on a number of internal algorithms.  Second, 95% or more of your sales will only come when Udemy is running some sort of sale (which is almost every week). During a sale, the price for your course will get marked down to somewhere between $9.95 and $12.95. Udemy keeps most of this. You will end up getting anywhere between $.75 and $5 per sale, depending on the country the student purchasing the course lives in (and other factors). So, $2.26 per sale might be slightly low (depending upon how many students got a free copy) but within the range of what you might expect to receive. 


Certainly! Let’s break down the earnings calculation for your Udemy course. Udemy’s revenue sharing plan varies based on different factors, but here’s a rough formula to estimate your earnings:

Calculate Gross Revenue:
Gross Revenue = Number of Students × Average Price Paid
For your case: Gross Revenue = 3,800 × $29.99 (average price) = $113,962
Apply Udemy’s Revenue Share:
Udemy’s revenue share depends on whether the sale occurred through an instructor promotion or not:
Instructor promotions: If a student purchases using your coupon or referral link, you receive 97% of the revenue.
Other sales: If no instructor coupon or referral link was used, you receive 37% of the revenue.
Let’s calculate both scenarios:
Instructor promotions: $113,962 × 0.97 = $110,564
Other sales: $113,962 × 0.37 = $42,111
Total Earnings:
Your total earnings would be the sum of earnings from both scenarios:
Total Earnings = $110,564 (instructor promotions) + $42,111 (other sales) = $152,675
Keep in mind that this is an estimate, and actual earnings may vary due to factors like refunds, taxes, and Udemy Business program participation. Additionally, the number of free enrollments impacts the overall picture. If you’d like more detailed insights, you can check your Instructor Revenue Report on Udemy.  flyingtogether ual com travel

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Can y'all stop with the AI-generated responses? They are wrong and not helpful.


Thr 37% cut is just the beginning. Local taxes, local pricing, currency conversion, app store fees and more all chip away at what ends up in your pocket. You can see a detailed breakdown by selecting any individual sale in your revenue report. 


The goal here is to make up for the low revenue per enrollment with volume. 

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