What duration of course is ideal

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What duration of course is ideal

Hi everyone !

I have submitted a course for review and await response. I have a query and request opinions from experienced members:


What is ideal duration for a course and how a course is graded as high quality course ?

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Ramesh Fadatare
Community Champion Community Champion
Community Champion

Below is a checklist of the minimum standards a course must have in order for it to be published on the Udemy platform. 

  • At least 30 minutes of video content
  • At least 5 separate lectures
  • Valuable educational content (learn more)
  • HD video quality (720p or 1080p)
    • Note: Videos exceeding an aspect ratio of 16:9 will automatically be re-modified to 16:9 by our system. If the resulting quality of the video is poor, the video may be rejected by our Quality Review Team.
  • Audio that comes out of both channels and is synced to video
  • Audio quality that is not distracting to students
  • A unique course landing page

For more, check out the official doc: https://support.udemy.com/hc/en-us/articles/229604988-Udemy-Course-Quality-Checklist 

Hello @AshfaqAKhan007,
The ideal duration of a course largely depends on the subject matter and the depth of information you're providing. Remember, quality trumps quantity. It's crucial that the course fully covers the topic and provides real value to the students.

Udemy suggests the course content should be at least 30 minutes. Many successful courses on the platform are between 2 to 5 hours long, however, there are also top-rated courses that extend up to 20+ hours. It all comes down to how effectively and engagingly you can deliver the content.

A high-quality course is characterized by several factors:

  1. Content Depth & Relevance: The course should cover the subject matter thoroughly and in detail, providing practical knowledge and insights that learners can apply.

  2. Presentation Quality: This includes the quality of your video and audio, as well as your delivery and teaching style.

  3. Interactive Elements: Including quizzes, exercises, projects, and other interactive elements can greatly enhance the quality of your course and improve student engagement.

  4. Student Engagement & Feedback: High student engagement and positive feedback generally indicate a high-quality course. Regularly updating the course based on student feedback can help maintain its quality.

  5. Instructor Responsiveness: Quick and thorough responses to student questions can significantly enhance course quality.

As a new course creator, don't be too concerned about creating the longest course possible. Focus more on providing high-quality, relevant, and engaging content that truly helps your students.

Best of luck with your course!

Best regards,

Very helpful.
Thank you.

Thank you @AITCD Team and @Ramesh Fadatare 

Your responses are very informative and provide good understanding.


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