What is your teaching style?

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What is your teaching style?

Happy June Instructors!


This month we are taking a deeper dive into learning and teaching styles. All of you bring such a diverse set of experiences, backgrounds, and teaching styles to Udemy and as a result, our learners are presented with a world-class learning experience. 


We’re interested to know, how would you describe your teaching style? 


Share your response below!

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Would be interested in this discussion.  I think my style is thought based

I am a martial arts teacher and part of my teaching style has to be physical, because we have to do a lot of things with our bodies.  There is also an internal aspect to the martial arts that it is not that easy to teach nor comprehend by the masses.  With this in mind, I also coach on the importance of connecting one's breath to movement and the feeling the technique evokes from the student.  This what is called kinesthetic awareness.  It is very easy to put it here in writing but again the hard part is to convey it to the student's specific style of learning so they can get it.  

I have always tried to be authentic, personable and real. I think it is more important to be real rather than. Try to be perfect. 

That's right Julian, perfection does not exist and what is good for some it can be terrible for others. 

Teaching style is a broad topic. It can be broken down into different parts. 

Content: I like to be practical. I generally share enough theory for you to understand why we are doing something a particular way, but give the hands-on approach. I also do not mask mistakes, instead, I turn them into teachable moments. 


Delivery: I try to be natural. I script as far as knowing what I want to say, but I try not to read and sound rehearsed. I will chuckle at myself and make it sound like I am having a conversation with the viewer, rather than dictating the content. 


Layout: I like teaching by doing. This kind of ties into the content category, but I try to show the natural progression of a project from conception to implementation, so the students get the step by step feel of the project.  


I also teach face to face, so I try to relate to the potential viewer the same way I would relate to a student in front of me and try to address their needs accordingly. 

I llove to teach through videos. And I entertain a lot of questions to ensure my students understand

Interesting question! Very curious to see other replies 🙂

My style focuses on minimizing theory and maximizing practical tips, methods, and examples.

I'm very straightforward and also limit the storytelling - keeping in mind, that the majority of my students are very busy managers, executives, or talents.

I script everything, as to avoid any uhms and repeating stuff. And I still allow myself some spontaneous changes to the script as I record - because sometimes a new idea presents herself the moment I read from the teleprompter and see the camera rolling 🙂


I am actually finding that my teaching style is constantly evolving with each new course! I prefer to share experiences, practical tips, and really focus on the fundamentals and basic concepts to build a strong foundational understanding! 

My style is best expressed on practically because I like my student to not just know the theory but I love to be able to express what they know practically

I`m asking. Yes, at the beginning I give them the theory, but after that when they do something I all the times ask: Why? And even when this is correct the student has to know WHY! 🙂 If the student doesn`t knows the answer to the question WHY - we are looking for the answer together.


Dr. Martin
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