8 Tips to Prospect More Effectively

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8 Tips to Prospect More Effectively

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1. Follow a Consistent Schedule

Be consistent.

Figure out how much time you can set aside each day to work on your prospecting. Even if it is only 15 minutes a day.

By committing to a set amount of time each day, you will create a habit that will continue to bring in new leads and sales and become more efficient and effective with that time resulting in more consistent sales.

For even better results, schedule this as the first thing you do each day.


2. Focus, Focus, and Focus

Be focused on your efforts.

Create a prospecting plan that is built to help you meet your business goals and sales objectives 

Use that to make a daily task list you can follow to keep you on track.

* Perhaps set aside one day a week to focus on your existing customers 

3. Implement Different Techniques

You will need to figure out how to find potential leads and the best way to reach out to them and build a relationship.

– do they prefer to connect using social media, email, in person or by phone? Which social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) -do they use most and what type of content do they prefer to consume (videos, articles, podcasts, checklists, etc.)?

By taking the time to truly understand your prospects, what they need and how they communicate, you will greatly increase your success in connecting and building relationships with them.


4. Create Prospecting Scripts

Effective marketers use scripts or templates.

While personalizing every conversation is key when prospecting, you can become more efficient and effective, by starting out with a template that you can use over and over.

Let be frank, it can be challenging to have a conversation with prospects, It is easy to go off-topic

A script gives you a solid starting place. 

5. Be a Provider of Great Solutions

People buy from people they know, like and trust.

The best way to accomplish this is to build relationships with your potential prospects by providing great value.

Great value starts by delivering helpful content that helps prospects make informed choices or solves their challenges.

 6. Practice Warm Calling

Cold calling has become a largely ineffective marketing strategy in recent years.

They need to know you or hear something about you.

The most powerful is by being introduced by a mutual contact or connection. When someone introduces you to a prospect, they will be much more receptive to meeting and talking to you. 

Third-party credibility and social proof are very powerful. 7. Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader

When you become a leader or authority on your topic, you greatly increase the likelihood that prospects will know, like and trust you.

*You become an authority when others recognize and start viewing you as a subject matter authority and sharing your content.

Getting to this place takes time and commitment. 

You need to start by building your community and consistently offering your best knowledge and tips. 

8. Know That Prospecting is Not Selling

Prospecting is NOT selling.


Prospecting is about locating, connecting and then building a relationship with potential prospects, who in time will naturally move into your sales funnel.

If you push sales-related materials on a prospect before this point, there is a very good chance you will ruin the relationship you have worked to build, wasting your time, effort and often times…money.




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Thanks for sharing these tips! @IuliaNeicovcean 

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Thanks for sharing these tips! @IuliaNeicovcean 

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