Hello everyone! I have 20 years teaching experience and I'm new here.

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Hello everyone! I have 20 years teaching experience and I'm new here.

Hello, everyone.


It's very nice for finally join udemy. I have no idea why I never did before. I have to say it was likely due to feeling like I needed a studio to do this sort of thing. I'm over that now.


I am a failed real estate investor trying to get back on my feet. I partnered with the WRONG person and learned a very hard, painful, and damaging lesson. I'm about $25,000 in debt and struggling financially; at the same time, that is all the debt I have to my name. My fiance and I bring in about $30,000 a year together. If I can end up making about $50,000 a year, I could use all of it to get out of debt and finally have the weight of the world off my shoulders.


I've read where some people on here are having great luck in their first month; I hope I end up being one of those people.


I have a lot of different experience in life:


  • I was a professional musician and music teacher
  • I was a competitive amateur boxer for a short period of time
  • I am a Licensed Real Estate Professional in the state of Florida (inactive)
  • I was serious about body building for a year or two
  • I currently work part-time taking care of show horses at a local barn
    • It's not enough money, but it gives relief from my situation
  • I'm fascinated with data analysis and financial analysis.

I only have two courses in review right now, but there will be more.


I teach practical uses Microsoft Excel, Financial Analysis, Investment Analysis, and other things as well. I'm very good at making that kind of math and those sorts of technical skills accessible on a normal average Joe level where they are applicable in daily life. It makes learning easier on people and helps them grow.


I hope to meet and connect with some likeminded people, and I really hope I'm as lucky as some of the others I have read about who were making a few hundred dollars their first month. That would be nice. My goal is at least $1,000 a month doing this. I want to get to that point.

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Leonor C.
Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hello @Anonymous 

Welcome to the community. How exciting to have you here!


Congratulations on having 2 courses in review, that is a huge success already! 


I'll like to recommend having a look at this Webinar Replay: 5 Things Every Instructor Should Do After Publishing  and our Best Instructor Posts of All Time — Marketing


The resources above should help you with your next steps after publishing your course!:



Udemy Community Team

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