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What is "Right" with Udemy?

When things aren't going well, we come to this community and complain.

But when things are right we mostly just go about our day.


Maybe it's just me, but I often see more negativity than positivity in this community, and the only positive post are usually about reaching a financial milestone.


So I decided to do something different today, and share what I think is "right" and what I noticed has been improving with Udemy.


Feel free to share your thoughts.


1. I started teaching around 2018. In the first 2-3 years I mostly saw no improvements from Udemy. Every 2-3 months there was a major outage or critical feature would break, and nothing seemed to be getting better.

But then something has shifted. I see better platform stability and lots of new features and initiatives that make me happy, optimistic and passionate about working with Udemy.


2.  The vibrant but disorganized community that existed on Facebook was forcefully moved to this community.

And then it was crickets, for a long time. I even gave up on visiting this community for many months. Until..

Something changed.

New and amazing Community Moderators joined. And they do way more than "moderation". 

There is a lot more knowledge sharing, a lot more engagement, and super awesome webinars and live events that I don't ever want to miss. Kudos to the Community Moderators!


3. When I joined Udemy, I was so eager to share my thoughts on how the platform could improve. I had so many feature requests that I thought would benefit everyone. Udemy. Students and us Instructors.

But every time I suggested anything to Udemy Support there was a very strict and cold "it is not on our roadmap", "get lost" kind of messaging.

That was demoralizing so I decided to stay silent and go about my business.


This year I actually see Udemy asking for feedback, taking note, caring and trying to improve.

I see genuine desire to help instructors be more productive and successful.


There are of course many things that can and should be improved.

But for now.

Thank you Udemy for doing all those things right.

Keep it up!

Who Me Too'd this topic