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Why student is able to refund even after giving great review?

Hi All,


I want to understand the refund policy. One of my students took one of my courses and gave a really good review. And in the review, he said that the course was so good that he has purchased another course as well and also said that he can't wait for my upcoming courses. I was very happy with this comment. But then one fine day I saw the user has refunded from both of my courses!

Below is his exact comment - 

"Great course, everything worked the first time.

The first time that the firebase configuration on ios works the first time.

Clear and precise explanation. I just took the course on testing.

Can't wait for the next courses that I will definitely take."


I really cant understand how users can purchase a course, leave such great comment which means he has watched the whole course! And then go and get the refund 😞 


This makes me really sad. Please let me know if this is valid.


Best Regards,


Who Me Too'd this topic