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Respected Instructors


I have 30 years experience in Engineering field. I did jobs on different positions. After retirement I was in search of some plateform to earn passive income online. I found Udemy as a solid and trustable platform after experiencing so many platforms. Although it is slow and late responsed but still I was satisfied that you can show case your abilities in form of a course to entire world. As most of the niches available at online platforms are related to IT based. But on Udemy you can upload the course on any niche in which you have expertise.


Initially I upload 01 course (Feb, 2022), now I have 03 courses on Udemy and 02 in pipeline. I also intend to make Udemy as my full time career now.


In my point of view following are the steps may be helpful for an instructor to be successful in online teaching:-


1. Target the audience who are desparately in search of topics you have expertise.


2. When you got the audiences, than record a course in "shortest" and "to the point" format without any delay. However, later on keep updating the course with passage of time.


3. Always include free and attractive offers with your course in accordance with your course outlines. It may be free softwares, free templates, free articles, and so on.


4. Promote your course through marketing pages. It may be your Facebook Page (free or paid boosting), youtube paid ads or colaborations with big channels of same niches etc.



Who Me Too'd this topic