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Is anyone making a living from Udemy. Any tips ?



Anyone making a living from Udemy? 


I have one course that is ranked number 1-4 depending on the day and it really hasn't increased my sales drastically. I'm doing alright but definitely not enough to pay rent. (My first course was published 6 months ago and the second a few months after).


I have another short course (the second course) that completely vanished and no one buys it.


Any tips? Any amazing experiences for someone who has created 2-3 courses.


I figure the "formula" = number of courses + quality + time on platform + topic demand.


I'd be happy to hear what you think?


I'm not really planning on quitting my day job, however it would be awesome if I made lots of money to buy more Hummus.


Thanks !

Who Me Too'd this topic