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Tax Form question


In last year autumn I received message again:

"Udemy needs some basic tax information from you. Our records indicate you do not currently have a valid tax form on file. The payout of your Udemy earnings will be suspended until a valid form is received."


I filled and submitted form once. No feedback received and message that form need to be filled still appears. After 2 months I filled and summited again. The same situation. I received email: "This is to confirm that you recently made a change to your tax details for your instructor account."
But still no feedback, is the tax form accepted or not and message still informing that I need to fill tax form.

Income receiving is blocked for last 3 months.


There are some basic questions:

- How to understand that summitted form is confirmed by tax authorities?

- What should I do, if form is submitted, but no any information about does it confirmed and funds are blocked?




Who Me Too'd this topic