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Subtitles not generated

Hi everyone! Happy to be here. I've enjoyed reading through this section and have learned a lot!

So, I just published my second course. I had published my first last year, then unpublished it and made a better one. I can see improvement! (second one was a lot better than the first, so I assume the third will be better!) The problem is that the captions have not completed their autogenerate for four days. The wheel to the left of each video is still spinning, and I don't know what is happening. I contacted support a day ago, but haven't heard back. 

In my first course, it was self-explanatory. They just autogenerated, and I went in and cleaned them up. I am not seeing anywhere to click to be able to fix this. Now I am wondering if I should set to private or unpublish, because the subtitles are a critical part of the course, as it is a language course.

Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated 🙂 

Who Me Too'd this topic