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New Udemy rules for taxes for Non-US instructors

Hi everyone, 

can someone give me a hand?

I'm a new instructor on Udemy. I will upload my first course soon. However, there are some new Udemy tax report rules which confuse me.

First of all, I'm from Bulgaria, an EU Member State. 

Can someone clarify for me what I have to do when it comes to submitting tax forms required by Udemy?

I am an individual instructor. I have no company or any business identification number and so on.

I don't know whether I need to pay any taxes in my country because I'm not sure whether I will earn anything as an income from Udemy. In that regard what tax form I have to submit and what information to fill in.

There are where you need to fill in your details, they require the so-Foreign TIN but I don't have such one.

So from that perspective, it is confusing what exactly we need to do as non-US residents.

Thanks for your help


Who Me Too'd this topic