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Why Allow Early Reviews?

So I don't understand why students are allowed to leave a review if they haven't completed the course? I would say at a minimum a student should be 50% of the way through before being allowed to leave a review.


The reason I'm posting this is because I have gotten a legit 5-star review from a student who has gone through most of my course and left a really nice message about it.


But then yesterday I got my 2nd a review and it's a 2.5 star review from a student who is only 10% of the way through. Didn't leave a comment or anything, won't answer any of my messages, so I have no idea what he doesn't like about it. And since I got this review, enrollment has tanked. Only 2 new students since this fake review.


This is review abuse. He's trying to tank my new course for some reason. Since the student won't respond to any messages I've sent, I've reported the review so hopefully it will be removed. But a great way to stop this sort of review abuse would be to not allow reviews until students have gone through much of the course, right? It's logical.

Who Me Too'd this topic