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Query on Affidavit Submission



I have submitted the signed affidavit which was sent to me because of some potential issues with my course. Its been 3-days, there is no reply.


I totally own the responsibility of my course content, but I have not yet clearly understood, what are the specific problems with the course, due to which Udemy has sent me the affidavit. Then they, alternately asked me to edit and update the course content. But if I am not absolutely sure about what is wrong with the material, how will I edit or update? So I have asked them in the same email to specifically mention what updates or additions they require to the content or my profile.


But there is no response yet. 3-days are gone. Last time, they were pretty quick in responding. I don't know how long I have to wait now. But again, they have said, if verification isn't completed within 14 days, they will remove my content.


Udemy, kindly complete the verification process and allow me to publish the course. You can tell me how to edit the course or add something to my profile; will do that as course update.

Who Me Too'd this topic