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I'm looking for a mentor

I've just started planning my course outline and I'm feeling completely overwhelmed. The course I want to make is on creative writing for kids (kids doing the writing, not adults writing for kids).


The challenges ahead, like actually creating the videos and then editing them, seem huge. But even aside from that, just trying to plan the content in a way that's suitable for video is really hard. I've taught kids one-to-one and in group workshops before, in person and online, but that's very different from creating fixed videos where you're not there to interact with the pupils!


But I do know that it would be possible to create something amazing to help kids improve their creative writing. I have loads of ideas - I just don't have any of the skills yet to make them happen.


So I was wondering if anyone would be willing to be my mentor - someone who could cheer me on and offer advice. Ideally someone who had to learn a lot of new skills themselves when they first became a Udemy instructor, or even someone who had to hire out the task of editing their videos (which I'm considering). 


Anyone...? I'm based in London, in the UK, so someone in a similar time zone would be great but isn't essential. I'm 37 and am creating my course because I'm highly skilled in this area, but my attempts to re-enter the world of employed work after a long break aren't meeting with success, so I thought this might be a better route.


I'm imagining a mentor who isn't looking for payment, but if I can offer anything quid pro quo, like help with your writing (of any kind - I've done copywriting work as well as writing fiction) then I'd be happy to do that.




Who Me Too'd this topic