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Just published my first course

Hi everyone!


I just published my first course on udemy and it's been really exciting.  


The course is 9 hours and dedicated to learning chess.  I've been playing for over 20 years and decided to share my expertise.


I'm fortunate that I have three students already, but I'm curious how others are getting digests of when people sign up.  Is there a way to get a notification when new students sign up?  I changed my settings a few times, but there doesn't seem to be a way to get notified.  I find myself finding out when I have new students when I visit my landing page itself.


I'm interested in any tips as well!  During the day I work at a marketing agency so I have a lot of experience doing these kinds of things for customers, but never with selling a course.


I have a blog that receives about 35,000 visits per month that I'll be promoting the course with.  My email list is just over 1,500 people that I'll make a push to as well.  I also plan to focus more on inbound by getting people to opt in to chess study guides I've made and have this course be part of an email drip.


Any advice would be great!

Who Me Too'd this topic