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Questions for experienced instructors on Udemy

Hello Everyone,


I am not new to the Udemy platform or being signed up as an instructor, but I am new to actually making a course, publishing it, and then selling/maintaining it.


There is a plethora of information out there on "selling courses online" and people offering get rich quick schemes or selling their online course "program" for $2000 USD so they help sell and market your course.


I am also aware of other popular services that people tout as being good, but require a monthly/yearly fee to use.


I want to make a course and have it be successful.


(Well, that was a dumb thing to type. We ALL want that here.)

I want to learn the rules for courses on Udemy as well as learn pitfalls that other people who have created courses on Udemy have encountered.

I am trying more to be realistic about my expectations while understanding the best options for a new person in this particular realm.  

I emphasize "this" because I am an instructional designer and teacher who has been doing both for over fifteen years. I have created many courses over the years; however, there were designed to make my company money and not me.

So, what are your overall experiences and impressions of selling your course on Udemy? Do you use other services too? If so, what are they?

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated, please. 

Who Me Too'd this topic