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Template at the Course Landing page

Dear Udemy Team of Publisher, and other Friends of me at the Instructor Community, 


It is my pleasure to hear about marketplace health of Udemy  


Besides, I say, I am going to be the real instructor, I am still the New Comer of Udemy Instructor Community. 

I am glad that the latest test video is already given the comment, said a good enough quality,after I change my Camera utility n learn editing utilizing Cam & filmora, now I still learn a little bit How to fulfill the content at the Course Landing Page, so there will be the Kind of Video, file PDF of the material of the Course content plus the Quis, does it seem to review at every chapter of the Course? I am still learning How to utilizing the template of Course Landing Page well, so I can attach the material of the Course well till to publish my course, : where the file ofine is Video, pdf file of material & pdf file of the quis, and is there any limitation of time to finish the Course? I plan only 2 Courses of Export Import in which emphasizing at How to fill right the Documents of Export Import & the 2nd Course is about calculating Cost Calculation Of Importer & Exporter, thanks a lot yr support all of my friends here. Best regards

Who Me Too'd this topic