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1 week live, 1 sale and already COURSE STOLEN AND PIRATED! Really!



I launched my course a week ago, got one sale, and a couple of days later, already found my course content stolen and uploaded to a pirate site. It's behind a "premium" paywall so has to pay a monthly access to get to download the file (along with the usual viruses).


I can see exactly how it happened. There was a "student" who obviously created an account has they used the new learner coupon code, bought both my courses, on the 12th Nov and shortly refunded them. On the 13th both courses appeared on the page 1 on google on the pirate site.


Having just started and made one sale for a grand total of $2, it's a bit disappointed how easily content can get stolen and someone else benefits, not the creator and all my hard work. It's a 12 hour course so maybe that's why it got stolen?


My feeling as the course appeared on the "new" course feed which is being prowled by pirates. Therefore I am thinking a strategy to deal with this scenario in future, is to upload only 20-25% of my intended course content and then make the course live. After the pirates have had their fill when the course is new, a few weeks later, upload the remaining 75% content. In this way, the pirated course could only contain a minimum number of content rather than the full content, and the pirates have moved on.


The other strategy is to embed electronic signature in each video via stenography, though not sure it's worth it.


I guess I could take a compliment that the pirates thought the course was valuable enough to bother stealing.. if the course was shorter, maybe they wouldn't bother (hence strategy above to go live with minimal "poor" content). 


Any ideas how to deal with this piracy threat as it's almost killed my hopes for success in just a week on being on Udemy. 




Who Me Too'd this topic