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I Got my first 1 Star Review and It's frustrating

I spent more than 7 months of my off days crunching through documentations, recording, editing and transcribing video after video. I purchased audio equipment, hardware and software and tried my best to make a course that possibly helps students learn.


All that for someone to buy my course for 1.45$ and leave a 1 star review..


I'm pulling my hair right now, the student didn't even provide constructive critism on why they didn't like the course. It seems this platform discourages good quality content and encourages recycled short content like pratice tests and what nots.


Literally if you google "AZ 204" you will find courses  that are just practice tests recycled from previously banned courses. 


I'm having a hard time on this platform, I feel like my efforts are going to waste, I put so much resources only to get one stared like that.

Who Me Too'd this topic