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Noise control

Hey all,


I live fairly close to a train track... usually it's not a problem, however, every so often a train whistle gets into my audio.


It's not too hard to wait and rerecord, but curious what success folks have had with sound proofing/noise control?

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Hi @Robert_Hean This is a great question and have been discussed here in the community some instructors  have used Camtasia, you can find the following threads useful :


What do you do to remove background noise?

Eliminate Background Noise From Course Recordings


I hope this helps!



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G'Day Robert,

Noise is a real challenge if you do not have a awesome sound studio.
I would imagine a lot of us do not have such. In my case I live under an approach path to Brisbane Airport and had to constantly monitor FlightRadar24 to predict when jets were coming over my house which tended to be disruptive to the audio.

I wrestled with this for ages, finally decided to buy an NVIDIA 2070 graphics card so I could run NVIDIA broadcast.

This did a great job until it didn't!

Broadcast is unreliable (for me anyway)

After some research I found a Youtuber ShakUltra, his video solve my audio issues 

see this link Noise Gate Voicemeeter: Uncover Hidden Secrets NOW! 

This worked beautifully for me.

My Mic rig is a Wireless Sennheiser SK100 (with head mic) , into a UA Volt 2 box.  




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