What kind of backdrops to people use?

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What kind of backdrops to people use?

Hello All


I have now 7 courses but they have all been screen capture. I would like to do one where I am live talking to student. What kind of back drops do you guys use. I am looking at just using sound panels as my bakdrop. 


Thank you 



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I've been using this one lately:




It comes in a bunch of different colors. You'll need a lighting stand and a clip for it as well; both are available in the "frequently bought together" widget on that page.


These "pop-out" backdrops are good because the metal frame creates tension on them, pulling out most of the wrinkles. I like to shoot a light straight up at it from the bottom to create a nice glow around me.

Hey Marko!

It depends on what you are looking for.  For Branding, like what you put all of your courses under, you could buy a custom backdrop screen printed with your logo graphic etc.  or like what I have which is the 3 colors standard backdrop.  White, black and green for custom green screen graphics.

I plan to shoot my vids on white as to give it a clean feel and look.  I personally don't want distractions from my students as they go through the lessons.  Looking around at different things in the background isn't good in my personal opinion.  I hope this helps.  


Graphy Lighting Studio Bundle



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I'm just getting started, but when I took courses on course-building, I noticed which backgrounds seemed distracting, which were neutral, and which seemed to enhance the experience.


I settled on the same color I use for my psychotherapy office. I don't have a convenient wall I could paint that color, so I got a background frame and clipped a bed sheet to it. Bed sheets come in a wider variety of colors than background papers I could find online. It took a lot of clips to pull the wrinkles out, but it works for me. 


I also put a light behind me, shining on the sheet. Here's a screen grab from one sample video.Background.jpg

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